Which models do the police pick on?


Someone wise once offered the opinion that the paranoid tend to have a better survival rate. They are always looking out for danger and taking steps to minimize the risks they foresee. Of course, carried to extreme, this leads to a very limited lifestyle. But there are times when paranoid is good. Take driving, for example. There are times when you feel you cannot leave your driveway without a police car flagging you down and writing you a ticket. You feel in danger. You drive more carefully and it still does not seem to save you. What’s going on?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is the government’s bean counter when it comes to what happens on our roads. According to its latest publication, the police on our roads issue an average of 112,000 speeding tickets every day. If you like to round numbers up, that means about 40 million people are caught speeding every year. That’s about 20% of all people holding a license to drive. You may wonder why our law enforcement agencies are so enthusiastic. The answer comes in the average of $150 in fines and court costs for every ticket. That round up to about $6.2 billion in revenue per year.

Who needs to increase taxes when all a state need to do reduce its budget deficit is tell the local police to ticket more drivers for speeding? This policy represents bad news for every driver.

• there’s a relatively high probability you will be issued a ticket for speeding;
• this will cost you in fines and costs if you fight it and lose;
• Many car insurance companies increase the annual premium rate if you pick up two or more speeding tickets.

To reduce the risk you will be ticketed, there’s a list of the most ticketed makes and models published every year. If you avoid driving one of the vehicles in the following list running from 10 to 1, you will reduce the risk you will be stopped for speeding.

Mazda 2
Toyota FJ Cruiser
Scion tC
Mercury Topaz
Volkswagen Rabbit
Subaru Tribeca
Toyota Supra
Scion FR-S
Pontiac GTO
Subaru WRX

Notice the absence of the high-powered, luxury sports cars on this list. The people who buy the high-end vehicles are older and tend to drive more responsibly. These makes and models are aimed at, or are favored by, younger drivers. You did know the last Topaz rolled off the production line twenty years ago, yet it’s still to be found burning up the roads. For now, the vehicles on this list do not inevitably attract higher car insurance rates. Insurers tend to assess the driver, not the vehicle driven. So if you pick up multiple speeding tickets in a short space of time, you will find your rates rocketing up. You will not be quoted high rates just because you buy a Subaru WRX. So there you have it. Driving can still be fun in lower-powered vehicles, so drive more slowly and increase the chances of arriving at your destination safely.

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