Where can you go?


One of the things we safety experts agree on is the danger of distracted driving. So here’s a case to expand your horizons. Picture a man in his car in Pittsfield Township, Michigan. His bladder is full. He has a desperate need to empty it. This is a major distraction to his concentration. Looking around, there are no obvious trees to hide behind. He needs a restroom, but where to find one? His answer was obvious. He drove to the police station to ask whether he could use the restroom there. Perhaps I should have mentioned this 66-year-old man was drunk. Alert officers looked in the parking lot and saw he’d driven while intoxicated. They administered the usual sobriety test inside the station and the breathalyzer. He failed and was arrested. It’s not clear when he was allowed to use the restroom in the police station. We should hope he managed to preserve his dignity.

It seems the Michigan law enforcement approach is to penalize drivers attempting to do the right thing. It would have been better to treat him as not driving and then locked him up until he could drive home sober.

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