When is a driver too old?


In Antelope Valley, California, you have to be quick to respond to a threat. If necessary, you have to run out of the way. Why? Well here comes a ninety-one year old driver straight at you. Yes, our senior was driving the wrong way down the 14 Freeway in Lancaster. He managed to travel fourteen miles before he was stopped.

Obviously the police politely inquired what he was doing. With a faint smile of apology, he explained he’d missed his exit. Not wanting to continue further in the wrong direction, he waited for a gap in the traffic (it being around midnight on Sunday), then turned back and drove in the center divide. Is that not what everyone would do?

This man’s driver’s license had already expired. No one was hurt. The question is what should happen now. The Highway Patrol has impounded his car. Should he be allowed to get it back? Should he be prosecuted? When road safety is the priority, such a man should not be allowed back on to the road. Next time, he may not be so lucky. Next time, you may be coming in the other direction.

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