What a long way to go


In these news items, it’s always a search for something new and interesting. This time, there’s a new driving record for Americans to savor. It’s taken a long time to beat the Russians, but America has finally won the race. So let’s go to Mars where NASA managed to land one of their rovers more than ten years ago. This little beast, perhaps appropriated named Opportunity, has been moving slowly across the landscape. From landing in January 2004 to July 2014, it has moved 25 miles and breaks the record held by Lunokhod 2. The difference between these two machines could not be more stark. The Russian rover traveled 24.2 miles in five months. Opportunity managed to maintain an average of one centimeter per second for 3,837 days. We Americans may be slow but, when the chips are down, we’re dogged, determined, and never give up. So kudos to NASA which has smashed the off-planet distance record and still has its machine running. It may have several more yards left in its batteries. Only time will tell.

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