The police refuse to investigate a driving death


This is a strange story about the attitude of both local and state police when a death occurs on private land. This is not, you understand, a murder in which a deranged killer comes on to private land and hacks a helpless man into small pieces. There’s no doubt this would be headline news and cops would be all over the crime scene. Rather this is a death on the Kentucky Speedway when Stephen Cox was involved in a crash. He had bought a package with the Rusty Wallace Racing Experience which entitled him to drive a high-powered car round the track. The people delivering this experience refuse to say how the death occurred. No law enforcement agency is interested in investigating because this was a traffic accident on private land. So here’s the problem. With proper training and an adequately maintained car, this should have been safe. If it was not, this could be a case of manslaughter but, as things stand, we will not find out. This is an absurd situation. All deaths should be investigated no matter where they occur and, if necessary, new safety procedures put in place.

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