The offense is DWRAN


The British, of course, are famous for doing things differently. This is not to say this “bulldog breed” is any better than anyone else. They are just different. So here’s a story about a comedian. His stage name is Chubby Brown. This refers both to his physical size and the fact his standup act is rich in expletives often referring to bodily functions. The British, it seems, will laugh at anything except, perhaps, how their public figures drive. Earlier this year, a mobile camera system was in place to monitor driving standards in a northern county. Along came a Lexus and, to the amazement of the officers monitoring the pictures, the driver had a copy of a newspaper open over the steering wheel and up on to the dash. So this is not a driver distracting himself few a few seconds while reading a text message. This is a reckless driver taking in all the news that’s fit to print while driving. He’s just been convicted and paid a fine. Cameras and news reporters were waiting to interview him outside the court. Apparently, after on the record comments of regret at his own stupidity, he launched into a comedy routine. Some comedians will go to any lengths to get a laugh.

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