Finding the Cheapest Auto Insurance in Dallas, Texas

Auto Insurance in Dallas, Texas


You are not alone in trying to find the cheapest auto insurance in Dallas, Texas. With thousands of drivers entering the market every year and almost a million drivers in the area, many are asking the same questions. How do you find cheap insurance? How do you get access to the lowest auto insurance rates in Dallas? This article will examine first how you can set yourself up to get the best quotes possible for your personal situation and give you the cheapest auto insurers in Dallas.

Setting Up to Get Cheap Insurance

The first step to getting the cheapest auto insurance possible in Dallas, is ensuring you can provide the most positive points in your driver profile to get the best rates and the most discounts. Insurance pricing models differ between each insurer but they all have a number of factors in common that can drastically change your quotes.

Some of the most important factors include your age, sex and driving history. While you cannot do anything about your age or gender, you can ensure that you are a safe driver without any major infractions by driving safely. If you are part of a profession you may qualify for a discount including pilots, enforcement officers, engineers, doctors, nurses, teachers and many more. If you have a great Grade Point Average (GPA) in school you could get an education discount. Your vehicle choice can also have a large impact, with newer vehicles that include the latest safety features offering the best insurance prices.

If you drive low mileage, live in a lower crime neighborhood or want to agree to a driving telematics device being installed in your vehicle, you can qualify for discounts. You may also qualify if you are part of an Affinity group, depending on the insurer. These groups include certain companies, professions, sororities or fraternities and even non-profit associations. By exploring all these options you can ensure you get the best possible quote.

The Cheapest Auto Insurance in Dallas

According to the latest data available from ValuePenguin, Allstate offers the average cheapest rates at $761 in the Dallas area beating the average annual rate of $885. Foremost comes in second at $817 and Farmers Auto third with an annual rate of $858. However, if you are part of the U.S. military, USAA should probably your first choice with a Texas average of only $497 and highest satisfaction rating by J.D. Power & Associates annual Auto Insurance Study.

You may also consider the top three insurers in the J.D. Power study as there is a strong argument for a possible correlation between satisfaction and pricing. The top three according to the study include the Texas Farm Bureau Insurance, State Farm and Progressive in that order. Yet, no matter which company is listed in any study, it may not reflect your personal situation and they all may be more expensive than what you could get by simply conducting your own research. Choose three online quoting comparison tools, put in the same information and see which company offers you the best rates.

Since insurers offer discounts and special rates to different “sectors” at different times, you may find the best rate for auto insurance is an unexpected choice compared with the obvious choices above. A little comparison shopping could save you considerably.

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