Finding the Cheapest Auto Insurance in Columbus, Georgia

Getting cheap insurance should be a goal of any driver. Yet, how you define cheap is the true question that every person faces. What may be cheap for you may not be for someone else’s position. This can be especially true depending on your state laws and regulations and what you deem to be a good value or cheap for the insurance you are receiving. Georgia is considered the 14th most expensive state in the country for an average of insurance costs per driver. You will need to consider if you are average or have a unique situation in order to compare your insurance costs.

Determining Your Needs

In order to get “cheap-for-you” insurance quotes you will first need to determine your insurance needs. By understanding what you need or should have in auto insurance, will better give you an understanding of what is a cheap quote for your situation.

The first part of determining need, will be understanding what the requirements in the state of Georgia are for auto insurance. Georgia is a tort law state, where if you cause an accident and are found at fault in a court of law, then you will be responsible for the damages to person or property. If you have insurance, it will then pay these expenses on your behalf to the victims. If you do not have insurance, you will be required to pay these expenses or face possible jail time.

The requirements in the state are 25/50/25. This metric is used as standard auto insurance jargon for you needing a minimum of $25,000 insurance liability for injuring a single person in an accident, $50,000 if you injure multiple persons and $25,000 to cover any property damage. Remember that these minimums only cover the other parties in an accident and does not cover your own medical expenses or property damage. To cover your own medical expenses or property damage you should opt for full auto insurance coverage which includes Comprehensive, Collision and Medical Payments coverage. An auto settlement can result in costs in small accidents of $5 to $10,000, whereas large personal injury suits can cost over $100,000. You insurance needs to cover this.

Apples to Apples Quotes

If you are searching for a quote on insurance that gives you a standard comparison, you will need to do some research online. Get at least 10 quotes from different types of insurers. Even the information provided below is an aggregate of information that can help point you in the right direction but may not apply to your situation. That is why it is so important to get multiple quotes from local, regional and national auto insurers, based on the same information for each quote. You will still need to compare the fine print of each company and it would be wise to find out if that ‘super-low’ quote you received was from a reputable company.

Look up the quality of each insurers claim process to ensure that $10 less a month does not turn into denied claims when you need it.

The Cheapest Auto Insurance in Columbus, Georgia

Columbus, GeorgiaColumbus is the third largest city in Georgia and it has a vehicle theft rate that is more than double the national average and approaches almost three times the national rate. Even with this statistic, Columbus is still cheaper than the state average for car insurance.

Who is the Cheapest in Columbus?

ValuePenguin offers a survey of auto insurance quotes in Columbus that mimic a certain type of driver. So although these comparison quotes provide a picture of the city in comparison to the state, these may not be representative of your own situation. The Columbus average auto insurance per year was $1,336, while the lowest quote provided by GEICO was only $648, over 50% cheaper than the average and not to mention the most expensive quotes. USAA, a specialty insurer for American military personnel was second at $792, followed by Auto-Owners at $900, Country at $$942 and Allstate at $1,032 as your five cheapest insurers in Columbus.

Average Cheapest Insurer in Georgia

In considering which other companies to get quotes for, to round out your 10 auto insurance quotes, here are the next cheapest insurers in the state of Georgia. Depending on changes in prices or any discount programs they may provide competitive quotes as well in Columbus. The next five cheapest insurers in the state were: Encompass at $1,048, Central Mutual at $1,216, Allied at $1,310, California Casualty at $1,317 and State Farm at $1,320 all cheaper than the average in Columbus. In J.D. Power’s Auto Insurance Customer Satisfaction Study for 2015, for the Southeast region, the following companies received better than average reviews, Tennessee Farm Bureau, Safeco Insurance and the North Carolina Farm Bureau.

Finding the cheapest auto insurance in Columbus Georgia could be as easy as getting quotes from the 13 companies listed in this report. Keeping the cheapest rates, means you review your rates with new quotes every year.

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