Technology to the rescue


At present, if police stand beside the road, they can point a radar gun which will tell them how fast your vehicle is traveling. The evidence provided by these machines is accepted in court and can result in a conviction. Now the technology is being extended by ComSonics of Harrisonburg, to analyze the signals being broadcast from your vehicle.
These clever new machines can tell the difference between the frequencies used by mobile devices for voice, text, and data transmissions. So a police officer can now stand beside the road and tell whether you are a distracted driver. Obviously, these devices are rather new and still going through testing but, if the police, the prosecuting authorities, and the courts accept the device, this will represent the most effective tool to “drive” distracted drivers from the road. This is going to be an interesting political decision for government agencies to make in each state. If they are serious about reducing the number of people injured and killed by distracted drivers, these new devices will be deployed in months rather than years.

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