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A new study by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety has found that most teen crashes involve driving distractions. Perhaps the greatest danger faced by teen drivers is distracted driving. According to a new study from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety (AAAFTS), distractions play a role in 60 percent of all teen crashes. Even more dramatically, distractions play a role in 11 percent of all teen fatalities. Peter Kissinger, president and CEO of AAAFTS, was emphatic when he comment that the study “provides indisputable evidence that teen drivers areRead More

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Drunk driving as teens

It’s sometimes useful to compare what happens in other countries to give us a sense of perspective on our own systems. When we see how other countries react to problems, we can ask whether we should be doing the same. Take Britain as an example. They have set seventeen as the magic age at which young people can apply for a permit to drive. To get a full driver’s license, a young person must pass a theory test and then a practical test. Despite this later arrival on the road,Read More
Such is the epidemic of teens killing themselves on the roads, the education establishment is stepping into the breach to help their students “Arrive Alive”. Now a cynical observer seeing this headline and the title of the course might think this an ideal course to attend. These educators are going to fill up your glass, show you what it feels like to be an incompetent driver, and then show you how you can still drive well enough to arrive at your destination in one piece. Unfortunately, the course offered byRead More
In a perfect world, all parents love their children and would not willingly put them at risk. Unfortunately, when the economy goes into the tank, compromises have to be made and this can mean the risks of injury rise. If you listen to the politicians, they will all tell you the economy has picked up after the crash of 2008. To some extent this is true. Many of the jobs that were lost have now been replaced. Not always at the same rates of pay, but at least more peopleRead More

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Eleven times and you’re out

This time our news story takes us over to Massachusetts, where we meet Jeffrey Bickoff. He’s still relatively young at 44, but in this short lifespan, he’s managed to fit in ten traffic accidents. Such a strike rate suggests his actual record is far worse, but he’s been lucky or managed to run off without being caught. Anyway, on June 4, he was driving down a relatively straight stretch of road — he had about 300 feet of unobstructed view. But, no doubt thanks to the amount of alcohol heRead More

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How to teach driving?

The traditional approach was to put the learner behind the wheel of a vehicle and point them in the direction of the road. This was usually the family car and, in theory, a parent was in charge of the educational experience. This was not so dangerous if the parents chose off-peak times and stayed off the main roads, but as the volume of urban traffic has increased, it’s become less common for parents to assume the responsibility. Driving schools have stepped into the commercial space, with schools and colleges acceptingRead More

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Learning to drive

Go back to the time the Boomers were learning to drive and it was all very hands-on. To keep the peace, long-suffering parents gave into demands they teach their kids to drive. In practice, this meant the brave or foolhardy sat in the passenger seat while their children scared them. Those who lacked the moral fiber, paid for their children to have lessons. There were few barriers to gaining a driver’s license. The people who administered the tests would sometimes remember to add the odd theory question. Driving round theRead More

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Google require an act of faith

Whenever a commercial organization announces a new product or service, the customers must trust the seller or supplier. After all, the customer is going to part with money in the expectation the marketing promises will be sufficiently real. But this latest announcement from Google is asking for more than trust. It’s demanding a leap of faith. As you will know, Google has been investing heavily in the development of an autonomous or self-driving vehicle. It has now confessed to designing and now building small electric vehicles that have no driver’sRead More

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Maintaining the standard

One of the indisputable facts of road safety is the high accident rate among teen drivers. Like all people learning new skills, mistakes are not uncommon. The problem with drivers is the danger to others when a vehicle can be a dangerous weapon. The question is whether the behind-the-wheel driving test is sufficiently rigorous to ensure only well-trained and essentially safe drivers are allowed sole control of a heavy projectile moving along a road at speed. This question is being actively discussed in the small country of New Zealand afterRead More

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Hormones make safer drivers

Anyone who has already been through the teen years knows only too well the effect of hormones on the growing body. Some of the changes prove useful and help build a better future. Others can be less welcome. Here’s a new study from Canada suggesting drivers with higher levels of cortisol in their bloodstream are safer drivers. This hormone is one of the trigger mechanisms for the flight or fight response to stressful situations. When it appears, it gives the body a quick shot of energy and helps us survive.Read More