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Researchers find that voice-controlled or menu-driven devices create a new type of distracted driving issue. If you haven’t heard of inattention blindness, don’t worry, it’s unlikely you have ever run across it before as you aren’t in the business of automotive safety. Inattention blindness is an example of a new and more deadly class of automotive safety issues that can be put under the heading of cognitive distractions. Inattention blindness is a phenomenon that can cause a person engaged in a mentally demanding task to fail to notice something happeningRead More

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Is Here a real advance?

Back in the good old days when Nokia was a cool brand, it came up with a connected vehicle solution which it proudly called the Nokia Here. Now the brand has lost its appeal and smartphone sales are in decline, the product continues to develop but it’s just called Here. It was launched in 2013, and competes with Android Auto and Apple’s CarPlay. However, after more than a year in the market, the motor manufacturers seem to be voting with their feet. The display of new vehicles at the ParisRead More
Led by Chevrolet, the first major automaker to have Wi-Fi in its models, the Internet is shaping up as the next big driving distraction. Chevrolet, the first major auto manufacturer to have Wi-Fi capability across its range of 2015 models, may be on the verge of offering the next big driving distraction, the Internet. Why would the automaker offer what may be the next big auto safety issue? Quite frankly, it represents an easy source of profit for Chevy. So, rather than recognizing that Wi-Fi may just be a featureRead More

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How secure are cars?

There were two headlines competing for our attention over the weekend. JP Morgan confirmed that it had been hacked and data affecting about 76 million households had been compromised. It’s also suggested a further number of banks and financial institutions were infiltrated from the JP Morgan servers. This was a major “success” for the hacking community. The second headline was Tesla announcing it was soon to launch new versions of its electric vehicle that would make self-driving vehicles more real. As the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has recognised, hackersRead More

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We don’t mind and you don’t matter

Google started the ball rolling and now manufacturers have been announcing their own plans for self-driving vehicles. The universal assumption behind all these initiatives seems to be that the introduction of this technology will be trouble-free and produce such immediate benefits; we will all wonder how we managed before. As an example, General Motors has just announced that in 2017, two of its Cadillacs will enable vehicle-to-vehicle communication to warn the drivers of potential crash situations and give the drivers the option to allow the car to drive it inRead More

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Segway driver arrested for DWI

It had to happen sooner or later. There have been drunks on lawn mowers and all manner of other improbable machines. All have been arrested while driving on the sidewalk — even if the sidewalk was empty of people — and some have actually been convicted. But this is the first time we have a man arrested for riding a Segway while drunk. This is a story from Oslo, Norway, and the police allege this man was terrorizing people on the sidewalk because he was having serious difficulty in keepingRead More
The American culture always likes to declare winners (and mention the losers with a sad smile). We love winners and so tend to produce lists. Coming at the top usually earns a big cheer except, perhaps, when foreign brands beat American brands. Why, we ask, can we not do better? When it comes to the motor manufacturing industry, the lists for the last twenty-five years have shown Ford edging out Toyota or Honda as the winner. For those obsessive people who care about the losers, Nissan tended to be aRead More
With a price tag of $1,500, Google Glass is not exactly aiming at the mass market. Presumably as it completes its beta stage testing and the software is tweaked, the finished product will have a more accessible retail price. But this is not the only wearable technology in the pipeline. There are already so-called smart watches and others are working on integrating hardware devices into clothing and accessories. The problem for lawmakers is to decide what controls, if any, are needed to maintain a reasonable level of safety on ourRead More

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Dash to improve the quality of driving

An app called Dash launched on Android earlier this year and is now available on the iPhone. It’s what experts now call a smart driving assistant. Using an ODB-II dongle and Bluetooth, it plugs the driver into the treasure trove of data already produced by your vehicle. So if you want to know whether your driving is smooth and “safe”, it can tell you if you brake too heavily or swerve too often, potentially saving you money on replacing brake pads. Given this app is free, it gives you aRead More

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Here are the most hackable

Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek, two well-known individuals who research computer security, have released a report detailing their survey of the computer set-ups in twenty different makes and models. The problem is that, if security is poor, a hacker may be able to take over control of the vehicle either before it’s started or while it’s running. Given so many driving systems are controlled by computer, this could be very dangerous to the driver and any passengers. The three most hackable 2014 models are the Jeep Cherokee, the Cadillac Escalade,Read More