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Now America has struggled past the Polar Vortex and summer has arrived, the other side of the climate change phenomenon is upon us. Yes, it’s getting hot. In some parts, it’s getting really hot. So this is the right time to remind parents and caregivers that one of the leading causes of death among children is heatstroke. To understand the scale of the problem, here are a few facts: • children overheat five times faster than adults; • if a child is overheating, he or she does not sweat althoughRead More
Well, it’s that time of year again. With Memorial Day come and gone, we’re into what’s politely called the summer driving season when all the folk who have spent the colder winter months hunkering close to home, suddenly kick the tires and fill up with gas. The call of the wild blue yonder is irresistible as we head out for that cottage or campground. This year, we have been through the arctic vortex and really icy weather and, somehow, it’s the dog-days of summer and our chance to lose ourRead More
If you were to open your newspaper, turn on the television, or find a news flash in your computer or smartphone announcing more than a hundred dead in a highway crash, or a train accident or an airplane landing, you would be shocked. But the slow drip of news items reporting one death at a time on local roads goes by unnoticed. Without something to make the news more important to you, say because you know the family, you rarely respond with any change in your own behavior. This isRead More