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Infographic - Deaths in Hot Cars
You may be surprised to learn how many children die as a result of being forgotten inside a car during hot summer months. What you may be even more surprised to learn is that hot car deaths are recorded for every single month in the US, except for January over the period of record keeping 1998-2015. Since 1998, there have been 636 heatstroke deaths of children by being left in a vehicle. Learn the key facts so you do not add to these terrible statistics. Cold Hard Facts Most parentsRead More
driving and religion

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The Church and driving

To establish the strength of belief, many people count the number of worshippers who attend church on a regular basis. On this basis, the Christian religion is not doing so well in Europe as the number of regular attendees declines. It seems the young are progressively less interested in the practice of any religion. However, in America, the Christian faith remains strong. It may therefore come as a surprise to discover that one country is about to rise to the top of the list. Yes, China is about to becomeRead More
Such is the epidemic of teens killing themselves on the roads, the education establishment is stepping into the breach to help their students “Arrive Alive”. Now a cynical observer seeing this headline and the title of the course might think this an ideal course to attend. These educators are going to fill up your glass, show you what it feels like to be an incompetent driver, and then show you how you can still drive well enough to arrive at your destination in one piece. Unfortunately, the course offered byRead More

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Should America protect its women?

Ignoring the question whether the genetics work in a way that’s fair, the physical reality is that women are smaller and less strong than men. So if a man attacks a woman, it’s an unequal contest and, in general, the man will win the contest. In other countries, this inequality is recognized and governments have acted to put proper measures in place to offer protection. For example, Brazilian, Indian, Indonesian, Japanese, Malaysian, and Taiwanese men were systematically groping women on their local train systems. The train and subway companies haveRead More
There’s a new survey out which shows Americans are driving ever older cars and trucks. According to the experts, this aging of the fleet began with the recession back in 2008. Up to this point, credit had been easy so most people could afford to trade in their cars for something newer on a regular basis. This made the roads quite safe as the more dangerous older cars were taken out of circulation. But today, credit is still quite difficult at the lower end of the market and the averageRead More

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How much do crashes cost us?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has been busy data-mining. It has been analyzing all the data of crashes during 2010 to provide some understanding of the total cost to America. To remind you, in 2010: • 32,999 people were killed (25% of these crashes were not reported to the police which is alarming); • 3.9 million people were injured; • 24 million vehicles were damaged. Now the temptation is to think purely of the individuals injured and their families, but the reality of the effects is more widespread. ToRead More

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Why have speed limits?

People who ask this question usually have a political agenda. They want to argue the local or state government is using the fines to pad out the state budget. The more police issue tickets, the smaller the deficit. These people almost always assert they are good drivers. They claim never to have had an accident. They say they are safe driving at high speeds. They think speed limits are for the poor drivers. The problem with this argument is that it ignores all the evidence. No matter which country youRead More

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How many must die?

Here’s a statistic to start off the chain of thought. In the twenty-five years from 1988 through 2012, just over 1 million individuals died on America’s roads in traffic accidents. According to the CDC, vehicle crashes are now the leading cause of death for people up to the age of 34. That’s a depressing fact. We all like to think vicious diseases and disorders are always going to be the biggest killers, but our decision to get into a motor vehicle is most likely to kill us. Indeed, in 2012,Read More

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Europe shows the way

The European Union (EU) now includes 28 member states and, as of 2012, it has an estimated population of 507,890,000. The European Transport Safety Council (ETSC) has just published a report showing that, in 2012, 12,345 people were killed on the roads. Just so we keep this in proportion, as of 2014, the USA has an estimated population of 317,996,000. In 2012, the last year for which statistics are available, 34,080 were killed on the roads. So America has a significantly smaller population and kills getting on for three timesRead More
There’s one of these unshakeable truths when people say statistics never lie. Except, of course, figures can always be manipulated to get the results we want or just for the sake of it (trolls can be found in every trade or profession). However, since so much money rides on it, the evidence that women are safer drivers than men seems fairly unshakeable. If this were not the case, car insurance rates would be higher for women drivers. Continuing this theme, one of the tasks performed by government is to collectRead More