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Cycling safety

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Cycling Toward Safety

While riding a bicycle might seem a healthy alternative to constantly driving about in one’s car, there are still very serious safety concerns to consider. How serious? Well, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2012 there were 726 fatal accidents involving a bicycle in the United States. This might not seem too surprising given the amount of recreational cycling, plus the increase in people who commute by bicycle to their jobs (between 1990 and 2009, commuting in this manner increased by 64%), but still, there are questionsRead More
Honda yesterday expanded the scope of its driver-side-only airbag recall while Takata adamantly refused to expand its recall program. Turning to Swedish airbag manufacturer for assistance, Honda yesterday expanded its driver-side-only airbag recall. Formerly, the recall had been limited to high-humidity areas, however, in response to requests from federal regulators, the automaker expanded its recall. Loaners To Be Offered At the same time, Honda acknowledged that the added burden of a nationwide recall is taxing its ability to provide repair parts. Rick Schostek, an executive vice president, told a subcommitteeRead More
Imagine an automotive safety system that works, but not quite well enough. That is the case for 100,000 Mazda6 tire pressure monitor systems. Who would have imagined a safety system that fails but doesn’t realize it? That is the case with 100,000 tire pressure monitoring systems used in 2014 to 2015 Mazda6’s. According to, the 100,000 vehicles involved were built from Oct. 25, 2012 to Oct. 10, 2014. The problem lies in the tire pressure monitoring programming. If one tire loses pressure suddenly, the tire pressure monitoring system willRead More
One of the things that follows the calendar change to November is earlier sunsets. Early dusk and dark require different driving techniques. In the United States, the first weekend of November this year means that you should have turned your clocks back an hour. This means that while morning sunrises are later, sunsets are now earlier by one hour. So, if, yesterday, the sun set at 5:07 pm, it will set at 4:07 pm. Earlier dark, says the American Automobile Assn brings with it a different quality of light. Now,Read More
A British woman has trouble

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A British woman has trouble

This is another of these stories from the other side of the Atlantic which could not possibly happen in America. Meet Sharran Alexander who lives in London. She’s fifty-years-old and a mere 450 pounds in weight. The point of the story is that she’s always wanted to be able to drive, but every time she’s approached a driving school, the vehicle provided has been too small. As instructors have been quick to point out, it’s dangerous for anyone to drive if she cannot turn the wheel freely. She’s spent severalRead More
Led by Chevrolet, the first major automaker to have Wi-Fi in its models, the Internet is shaping up as the next big driving distraction. Chevrolet, the first major auto manufacturer to have Wi-Fi capability across its range of 2015 models, may be on the verge of offering the next big driving distraction, the Internet. Why would the automaker offer what may be the next big auto safety issue? Quite frankly, it represents an easy source of profit for Chevy. So, rather than recognizing that Wi-Fi may just be a featureRead More
When parents are looking to get their babies mobile, the first step has tended to be a tricycle. These are highly stable and encourage the development of leg muscles while promoting the learning exercise that crashing into things is bad for health. So here come the Boomers and their second childhoods, except they are buying a very different form of tricycle. These modern machines allow the rider to recline in some comfort. No more hunching over the handlebars of a two-wheeler as that paunch-wobble threatens balance. The older riders findRead More
Someone wise once offered the opinion that the paranoid tend to have a better survival rate. They are always looking out for danger and taking steps to minimize the risks they foresee. Of course, carried to extreme, this leads to a very limited lifestyle. But there are times when paranoid is good. Take driving, for example. There are times when you feel you cannot leave your driveway without a police car flagging you down and writing you a ticket. You feel in danger. You drive more carefully and it stillRead More
driving and religion

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The Church and driving

To establish the strength of belief, many people count the number of worshippers who attend church on a regular basis. On this basis, the Christian religion is not doing so well in Europe as the number of regular attendees declines. It seems the young are progressively less interested in the practice of any religion. However, in America, the Christian faith remains strong. It may therefore come as a surprise to discover that one country is about to rise to the top of the list. Yes, China is about to becomeRead More

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Drunk driving as teens

It’s sometimes useful to compare what happens in other countries to give us a sense of perspective on our own systems. When we see how other countries react to problems, we can ask whether we should be doing the same. Take Britain as an example. They have set seventeen as the magic age at which young people can apply for a permit to drive. To get a full driver’s license, a young person must pass a theory test and then a practical test. Despite this later arrival on the road,Read More