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Posted On March 2, 2016By adminIn Comment and fun

Ride Sharing Services Explained

The future of transportation looks to be an amazing place, from magnetic intercontinental travelling pods to autonomous self-driving Google cars that offer free rides. However, at this point in time all of those options are still in the future and the fight at the moment is between ride sharing services like Uber and traditional modes like yellow and black cabs (taxis). By now you have probably heard of Uber and its merry band of drivers as they have expanded to 220 countries worldwide and continue their expansion even when theyRead More

Posted On September 24, 2014By adminIn Insurance

The insurance requirements are clarified

The principle underlying the requirement for mandatory auto insurance is “financial responsibility”. Put simply, this says anyone who engages in an activity that puts others at risk of injury or financial loss, should be able to take responsibility to make good all losses. As applied to driving, every state requires the owners of vehicles to be able to show they could pay a guaranteed minimum amount should they cause loss or damage. In most states, this duty can be satisfied by the owner buying a valid car insurance policy. WhenRead More