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Imagine an automotive safety system that works, but not quite well enough. That is the case for 100,000 Mazda6 tire pressure monitor systems. Who would have imagined a safety system that fails but doesn’t realize it? That is the case with 100,000 tire pressure monitoring systems used in 2014 to 2015 Mazda6’s. According to, the 100,000 vehicles involved were built from Oct. 25, 2012 to Oct. 10, 2014. The problem lies in the tire pressure monitoring programming. If one tire loses pressure suddenly, the tire pressure monitoring system willRead More
Honda has expanded its recall of vehicles equipped with Takata-made airbags as it faced a new round of questions. Honda, Japan’s third-largest automaker, has expanded the scope of its recall of vehicles equipped with suspect Takata airbags to include 2001-2006 products. No specific number of vehicles was recalled at the time by the manufacturer. According to Reuters, the automaker’s action, upgrading its “safety campaign” to a formal recall, comes in the wake of Honda’s second appearance before highway safety regulators who are seeking more information on Honda’s airbag program. RegulatorsRead More
A British woman has trouble

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A British woman has trouble

This is another of these stories from the other side of the Atlantic which could not possibly happen in America. Meet Sharran Alexander who lives in London. She’s fifty-years-old and a mere 450 pounds in weight. The point of the story is that she’s always wanted to be able to drive, but every time she’s approached a driving school, the vehicle provided has been too small. As instructors have been quick to point out, it’s dangerous for anyone to drive if she cannot turn the wheel freely. She’s spent severalRead More
On 20 of October at 23:58 Moscow time, a private Dassault Falcon 50 aircraft flying from Moscow to Paris was completely destroyed when the plane crashed into a snowplow in the airport of Vnukovo. Four people were killed: both pilots, the flight attendant and passenger Christophe de Margerie, the head of Total SA oil company. The snowplow driver remained unharmed. At the moment, there are four official interpretations of the incident: that the pilots were at fault, dispatch was at fault, the snowplow driver was at fault or that poorRead More
When parents are looking to get their babies mobile, the first step has tended to be a tricycle. These are highly stable and encourage the development of leg muscles while promoting the learning exercise that crashing into things is bad for health. So here come the Boomers and their second childhoods, except they are buying a very different form of tricycle. These modern machines allow the rider to recline in some comfort. No more hunching over the handlebars of a two-wheeler as that paunch-wobble threatens balance. The older riders findRead More

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How secure are cars?

There were two headlines competing for our attention over the weekend. JP Morgan confirmed that it had been hacked and data affecting about 76 million households had been compromised. It’s also suggested a further number of banks and financial institutions were infiltrated from the JP Morgan servers. This was a major “success” for the hacking community. The second headline was Tesla announcing it was soon to launch new versions of its electric vehicle that would make self-driving vehicles more real. As the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has recognised, hackersRead More
This is another of these stories where we feel sorry for the poor saps who live in other countries, confident the same problems could not possibly affect us. Alarmed by the large deficit and determined to cut back on the amount paid to run government services, the British have been facing cuts to almost all their services. There are now fewer people to run the services and those who remain are paid less. One of the places this is hitting is in the agency which administers the practical driving tests.Read More

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Reckless men are better

If you look at the ordinary run of statistics, the evidence could not be clearer. Women are safer drivers than men. As evidence, you need look no further than the lower car insurance rates they pay. Socially, there’s also a general sense of gender equality. Women are slowly being given access to higher status jobs and earning bigger pay checks. It should therefore not surprise us that a woman should have been moving into contention to drive an F1 car. The Sauber team had given Simona de Silvestro “affiliated” status,Read More

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Heroes with feet of clay

When people become heroes, we always hope for the best from them. They inspired us then. They should not disappoint us now. This makes the fall of Michael Phelps disappointing. Here’s a man who became the swimming icon for his Age because of his exploits in the Olympic Games—he won eighteen gold medals. To become this good in sport, you have to be fit. Your body is your temple. So it’s sad to read that this great athlete was exceeding the speed limit by 40mph and, when stopped, was foundRead More

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Not wearing a seatbelt can be dangerous

In South Carolina, a State Trooper by the name of Sean Groubert was going about his duty of enforcing the laws of the road. It was his job to keep everyone as safe as possible by making drivers slow down, stop when the lights are at red, and so on. On September 4, he stopped Levar Jones for not wearing his seatbelt. When he demanded Jones produce his driver’s license, the man reached inside the car. At this point, Groubert began to shout, drew his gun, and fired four shots.Read More