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Auto Insurance in Grand Rapids, Michigan
Michigan enjoys the dubious distinction of being named the most-expensive state in the United States for auto insurance for 2015. What most people outside the state may not understand is what this expensive insurance pays for in comparison to other ‘cheaper’ states. Michigan is a ‘no fault’ state and state minimum insurance requirements must include personal injury protection (PIP) for the driver at fault. However, finding the cheapest auto insurance in Grand Rapids, Michigan should still be attempted to keep rates low as possible. The Michigan Difference There are aRead More
Ford Fusion
It has been quite a week at the Ford Motor Co. In the last seven days, the automaker has added more than 700,000 vehicles to its ongoing door latch recall, while opening new probes into three other problems. The latter three campaigns brought the total number of vehicles recalled by the number two domestic automaker to nearly 1.3 million. Interestingly, the increased recall action occurred during the week that National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Administrator Mark Rosekind was in Detroit meeting with automakers and touring facilities. Rosekind flew toRead More

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Where can you go?

One of the things we safety experts agree on is the danger of distracted driving. So here’s a case to expand your horizons. Picture a man in his car in Pittsfield Township, Michigan. His bladder is full. He has a desperate need to empty it. This is a major distraction to his concentration. Looking around, there are no obvious trees to hide behind. He needs a restroom, but where to find one? His answer was obvious. He drove to the police station to ask whether he could use the restroomRead More

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Michigan approves autonomous cars

This is the fourth state to approve the testing of autonomous vehicles on its public roads (California, Florida and Nevada having been quick off the mark). With Detroit needing a gesture of public confidence, this is a no-cost law. Google has now confirmed more than half-a-million miles of testing without an accident. Nissan and Ford have also been running tests for some time and, so far, there has not been an accident featuring a self-driving car. Nevertheless, the Michigan bill stipulates there must be someone in the driver’s seat whileRead More
Michigan boy on a crime spree

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Michigan boy on a crime spree

It seemed like a routine stop. There was a fourteen-year-old boy driving a 2001 Toyota Avalon. When the officers checked the plates, the car was stolen. A search revealed a mask and a hatchet. What, you might ask, was a boy doing with a mask and a hatchet? The answer is home invasions. This is not an ordinary boy. He’s apparently been responsible for breaking and entering, various thefts and, embarrassingly, bicycle larceny. Most of the time, it seems, he was less than ambitious, only stealing cigarettes, alcohol and cash.Read More
Usually when two drivers pull into the parking lot of a car-wash, they expect the application of soap and water. But on Wednesday, this was like going back in time to the OK Coral. This pair of drivers had had a disagreement on the road. Their rage knew no bounds. Both were armed. There was only one way to settle their dispute. Witnesses of the earlier incident on a Michigan M-66 highway report Robert Taylor and James Pullam cutting in and out of traffic. Pullam was carrying both his wifeRead More
There are two basic systems for organizing the provision of car insurance. One relies on the centuries old law of tort. The driver who’s at fault pays for putting right the damage caused. The other approach is no-fault insurance. Effectively this is self-insurance where anyone who decides to drive insures against any losses they may suffer as a result. In other more law-abiding countries, the no-fault system works out cheaper because instead of spending time and money arguing about who’s to blame, insurers only need decide how much to payRead More