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Globalization is a trend that has truly been taking off with the opening of markets that have been always closed to American companies; places like China and Russia. Since 2011 the Chinese Auto Insurance market was opened for business to foreigners including the prized ‘mandatory’ liability insurance required by the government in Beijing. With a market set to become the second largest auto insurance market in the world, mature markets like the US should be able to cash in on a market estimated to hit almost $100 Billion USD. HoweverRead More

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Insurers continue to overcharge

There has been a successive sequence of reports over the years which confirm that the car insurance industry actively discriminates against different groups of people. Now before going any further, this requires a little explanation. Because insurance is all about assessing and managing risk, it’s inevitable that insurers will charge higher rates to those who represent a higher level of risk. To that extent, it would not be unfair to discriminate against drivers who are more likely to be involved in accidents. Indeed, if we briefly travel across to Europe,Read More
driving and religion

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The Church and driving

To establish the strength of belief, many people count the number of worshippers who attend church on a regular basis. On this basis, the Christian religion is not doing so well in Europe as the number of regular attendees declines. It seems the young are progressively less interested in the practice of any religion. However, in America, the Christian faith remains strong. It may therefore come as a surprise to discover that one country is about to rise to the top of the list. Yes, China is about to becomeRead More

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Comparison sites regulated in Britain

The British may do everyday things in an odd way — like drive on the wrong side of the road — but when it comes to investigating the different ways in which the consumer can be ripped off, it can sometimes teach America how to make life better. Before coming to car insurance, let’s briefly consider the business practices of Amazon. Now you may think this online retailer is doing a great job by regularly offering discounts on the products it sells. But here’s the problem. When people sign upRead More

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The insurance requirements are clarified

The principle underlying the requirement for mandatory auto insurance is “financial responsibility”. Put simply, this says anyone who engages in an activity that puts others at risk of injury or financial loss, should be able to take responsibility to make good all losses. As applied to driving, every state requires the owners of vehicles to be able to show they could pay a guaranteed minimum amount should they cause loss or damage. In most states, this duty can be satisfied by the owner buying a valid car insurance policy. WhenRead More

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Tailgate thefts on the rise

When you look at the sales figures for the most popular makes and models sold, the most outstanding numbers come in for pickups. Perhaps in the good old days, this was just landowners and ranchers who needed to get around off-road. Now the ownership of a truck has become a status symbol. People like to project the image of the great outdoors even though all they do is a daily commute past a park. All this would be an entirely harmless way of making a statement but for one veryRead More

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The genders are not the same

Everyone knows the car insurance rates are set according to the actuarial tables produced and maintained by the insurance industry. These assess the level of risk depending on who you are, how old you are, how many years you have been driving, what make and model you drive, and so on. It’s also well-known that the young are most at risk of injury or death in a motor accident. Indeed, crashes have become the leading cause of death amongst the young. Given this is an avoidable cause of death, thisRead More

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Auto-repair shops take action

If you were to look at the system for repairing damaged vehicles on paper, it would appear to be a good design. Here’s what the car insurance industry will tell you happens: • you report damage to your vehicle which is covered by the policy; • a claims adjuster examines your vehicle and, assuming the cost of repair is deemed reasonable, the insurer will authorize the repair; • the auto-repair shop does the work and returns the vehicle to you in top-class condition; • you are satisfied; • the auto-repairRead More

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The uninsured motorist problem

This is a genuinely perplexing issue. Given today’s technology, there should be no uninsured drivers on the road. There are state databases showing all the vehicles registered for use on the public roads, and the insurers have their own records showing which vehicles are insured and by whom. It should be the easiest coding task to combine the two databases and produce a list of all the registered vehicles where there’s no valid auto insurance policy in force. Law enforcement officers can therefore work through the list, visiting all theRead More

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Dash to improve the quality of driving

An app called Dash launched on Android earlier this year and is now available on the iPhone. It’s what experts now call a smart driving assistant. Using an ODB-II dongle and Bluetooth, it plugs the driver into the treasure trove of data already produced by your vehicle. So if you want to know whether your driving is smooth and “safe”, it can tell you if you brake too heavily or swerve too often, potentially saving you money on replacing brake pads. Given this app is free, it gives you aRead More