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Someone wise once offered the opinion that the paranoid tend to have a better survival rate. They are always looking out for danger and taking steps to minimize the risks they foresee. Of course, carried to extreme, this leads to a very limited lifestyle. But there are times when paranoid is good. Take driving, for example. There are times when you feel you cannot leave your driveway without a police car flagging you down and writing you a ticket. You feel in danger. You drive more carefully and it stillRead More

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Insurers continue to overcharge

There has been a successive sequence of reports over the years which confirm that the car insurance industry actively discriminates against different groups of people. Now before going any further, this requires a little explanation. Because insurance is all about assessing and managing risk, it’s inevitable that insurers will charge higher rates to those who represent a higher level of risk. To that extent, it would not be unfair to discriminate against drivers who are more likely to be involved in accidents. Indeed, if we briefly travel across to Europe,Read More
This is another of these stories where we feel sorry for the poor saps who live in other countries, confident the same problems could not possibly affect us. Alarmed by the large deficit and determined to cut back on the amount paid to run government services, the British have been facing cuts to almost all their services. There are now fewer people to run the services and those who remain are paid less. One of the places this is hitting is in the agency which administers the practical driving tests.Read More

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Comparison sites regulated in Britain

The British may do everyday things in an odd way — like drive on the wrong side of the road — but when it comes to investigating the different ways in which the consumer can be ripped off, it can sometimes teach America how to make life better. Before coming to car insurance, let’s briefly consider the business practices of Amazon. Now you may think this online retailer is doing a great job by regularly offering discounts on the products it sells. But here’s the problem. When people sign upRead More
This is a strange story about the attitude of both local and state police when a death occurs on private land. This is not, you understand, a murder in which a deranged killer comes on to private land and hacks a helpless man into small pieces. There’s no doubt this would be headline news and cops would be all over the crime scene. Rather this is a death on the Kentucky Speedway when Stephen Cox was involved in a crash. He had bought a package with the Rusty Wallace RacingRead More

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Laws to limit self-driving cars

Google are proposing a radical new type of car which would eliminate the ability of the people inside the vehicle to control it. There would be no pedals and no steering wheel. People would be expected to trust the new technology and sit back while they are gently wafted to their destination (at no more than 25 mph). Well Californian lawmakers have been thinking about the legal framework for testing these new vehicles and they have decided there’s a red line in the blacktop. The DMV will be enforcing newRead More
With a price tag of $1,500, Google Glass is not exactly aiming at the mass market. Presumably as it completes its beta stage testing and the software is tweaked, the finished product will have a more accessible retail price. But this is not the only wearable technology in the pipeline. There are already so-called smart watches and others are working on integrating hardware devices into clothing and accessories. The problem for lawmakers is to decide what controls, if any, are needed to maintain a reasonable level of safety on ourRead More

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The uninsured motorist problem

This is a genuinely perplexing issue. Given today’s technology, there should be no uninsured drivers on the road. There are state databases showing all the vehicles registered for use on the public roads, and the insurers have their own records showing which vehicles are insured and by whom. It should be the easiest coding task to combine the two databases and produce a list of all the registered vehicles where there’s no valid auto insurance policy in force. Law enforcement officers can therefore work through the list, visiting all theRead More
One of the ways in which corporations try to show you their business is doing well is to release the sales figures. Even though the profit may be poor, a rise in the number of units sold always encourages investors the business model is sound and the company will soon be declaring dividends. You only have to look at Amazon to see this philosophy in action. It consistently boasts the volume of sales exceeds expectations and that the resulting revenue is invested in the development of new products and services.Read More
As with any major industry, there has to be a representative body to speak out if there are problems and, when necessary, to lobby for changes. Nationally, America cannot survive without an effective distribution system. It’s a big country and there are a multiplicity of goods to move. That’s why we should all sit up and take notice when the American Trucking Associations (ATA) warns we need another 30,000 truck drivers right now. Now you may think that’s not a large number to recruit, but there are problems. Because ofRead More