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Ford F150 Lite Aluminum-Alloy Body
Vehicle manufacturers are always looking for a way to cut costs, increase fuel economies and essentially woo buyers with interesting gimmicks, whether real or imagined. These gimmicks are often just marketing spin, while at other times the gimmick turns into a real world advantage and increased sales. The recent foray into aluminum bodies for vehicles is drawing sharp rhetoric and opinions from every aisle, but which ones should you believe? Ford F150 Lite The company that truly started it all was Ford with the production of an all-aluminum body overRead More
Car Hacking
Although it sounds like a Hollywood movie, this cybersecurity threat just became real. Carjacking just received an entirely new scenario, one that has been proven and caused the first-ever recall of cars in the US because of cybersecurity. Imagine driving on an Interstate Highway at 55+ miles an hour and suddenly your brakes are engaged; this nightmare is real. Too often technology outstrips our ability to control or understand it in a free-market economy, this example is poignant in the extreme. First Ever Remote Car Hack Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA)Read More
Two attorneys believe materials provided by General Motors show the ignition fiasco was intentional. Lawyers working with a couple who received a large settlement and a major payout from the General Motors ignition fault victims fund told Automotive News and other outlets yesterday they believe they can prove the decade that the automaker spent ignoring and denying ignition related problems was not the result of incompetence as an investigation has been suggested but was, instead, the result of a cover-up. Lance Cooper of Georgia, who, with Jere Beasley of Alabama,Read More