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Getting cheap insurance should be a goal of any driver. Yet, how you define cheap is the true question that every person faces. What may be cheap for you may not be for someone else’s position. This can be especially true depending on your state laws and regulations and what you deem to be a good value or cheap for the insurance you are receiving. Georgia is considered the 14th most expensive state in the country for an average of insurance costs per driver. You will need to consider ifRead More
The way our constitution is supposed to work is very simple. We, the people, elect people to represent us. They make laws. When the local or state government makes them active, the law enforcement agencies leap into action. As from day 1, they are out on the streets looking for offenders. The opening blitz of tickets or arrests sends a message to the community. That no one is safe. Break this law and you will be issued a ticket. Fines will be payable. Change your behavior. Well, that’s the theory.Read More

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Being forewarned is not enough

This year has started off with a bang. The polar vortex has been freezing the eastern part of America supposedly used to bad weather. The new mayor of New York has discovered to his cost that the politics of which parts of a city get cleared first can be difficult to get right. But it’s when the winter weather moves further south that the lack of response gets more interesting. Wednesday saw Atlanta turned into an unmoving mess as roads froze. That cold weather suddenly affected about 60 million peopleRead More
There are lies and then damn lies when it comes to the analysis of statistics and the publication of the results. In this case, a new survey looks at the cost of buying and driving a vehicle in each of the states on the union. The average cost for all states was $3,201 with the costs seen to be rising steadily year on year. The factors taken into account are the cost of: fuel, i.e. gas, diesel, CNG, etc. — people in larger states tend to drive more miles; insurance;Read More
It looks as though Robert William Martin of Austin, Texas, is going to have bragging rights to killing a jazz legend. The scientific evidence from the air bag control unit shows that Mr. Martin was traveling at about 90 mph seconds before he hit the golf cart being driven by Mr Tucker. A Chrysler 300 doing that speed is a lethal weapon. Mr. Tucker died almost instantly. All he was trying to do was cross the street. Not much to ask really. Mr Martin is now in jail. The chargesRead More