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Posted On November 15, 2013By adminIn Comment and fun

What price free speech?

If you travel around the developed world, there’s an active discussion of climate change and the extent to which it’s damaging our environment. In most countries where there’s a free press and open access to the internet, it’s almost a given that climate change is real. Yet here in America which prides itself on being a champion of free speech, it’s very difficult to talk openly about climate change and the potentially disastrous consequences if we do not begin to change. This means the average person is skeptical that climateRead More

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Drive don’t walk

The newspapers have been full of the latest climate change predictions. It seems temperatures are rising faster than the scientists had been expecting. This will melt the icecaps more quickly. As the water rises, land will flood. This will force people to move. Conflict is almost inevitable. Of course, it’s inconvenient to believe such scare stories because, if they were true, we might have to change. And, let’s face it, no one wants to change unless they absolutely have to. So while we’re busy not changing, a few are buyingRead More
The question those responsible for planning the future of our cities have been wrestling with is whether we should be forced to give up personal transport relying on gas, and opt for public transport with some electric-powered options for individuals. Let’s make no mistake about this issue. Even if climate change proves to be an exaggerated threat, there will come a time when oil reserves run low and the cost of refined gas will make it too expensive to continue powering cars. This will mean redesigning the space where weRead More
Ford is voluntarily recalling about 24,000 electric vehicles because the door chime system is not working properly. This may strike you as odd. So just why has the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration strong-armed Ford into this recall? What has this to do with car safety? The door chimes in vehicles such as the C-Max hybrid are necessary because when the engine is idling, it’s almost silent. It’s therefore possible for drivers to walk away from their vehicles not realizing they are still running. Without the engine noise or vibrationRead More

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The revenge of the electric car

As always, some news stories come with just the right amount of humor and this fits the bill. Here we have a Tesla Model S, a green car by virtue of its reliance on electricity as the power source. Just plug it in and, some time later, off you go. As you can see from the picture, the source of the power has no effect on the ability of the driver. Yes, people can crash a car whether it’s powered by a liquid, a gas or a current. So thisRead More
To help you decide which make and model to buy, all new vehicles will be carrying a sticker in their windows showing an estimate of the cost of gas for one year. The problem is these stickers may not be even remotely relevant to your own driving experience. If you are older and only drive a few miles, the annual cost of your driving may only be a few hundred dollars. That might be more or less depending on the make and model. It would make a significant difference dependingRead More
As a species, humanity is rather lazy. It prefers to consume whatever is cheap, convenient and plentiful. The moment it becomes obvious there will be problems in locating the raw materials or you realize the cost of some products will rise, there are a hundred-and-one reasons suddenly found to continue with the cheap, plentiful stuff. So the world is addicted to fossil fuels. The alternate renewable sources of energy are more expensive to develop. The result is resistance to abandon coal and oil even though they may be damaging theRead More