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Child Car Safety Seat
Babies and child safety seat restraint systems are nearly always mentioned in the same breath. Where one goes, the other one must be installed. The thinking is that babies need to be safe, or as safe as they can be, if an accident occurs. It is a message that the safety establishment has been putting out for nearly 50 years. So, it is upsetting when a car inspection turns up child safety restraint systems that just as well might not have been installed. That, with all of the information out,Read More
Convertible baby car seats

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Car Safety Seats – Laptop

One of the more confusing – and frustrating – parts of preparing for your new baby is finding the right car seat. It is much more than just driving to a store, finding a seat, handing the clerk your plastic and walking out to your vehicle with your purchase. Because a car seat is carrying such an important passenger, you have to make sure that the device is not only safe and meets your needs but that it will also fit your infant and that it can be installed correctly.Read More
Now America has struggled past the Polar Vortex and summer has arrived, the other side of the climate change phenomenon is upon us. Yes, it’s getting hot. In some parts, it’s getting really hot. So this is the right time to remind parents and caregivers that one of the leading causes of death among children is heatstroke. To understand the scale of the problem, here are a few facts: • children overheat five times faster than adults; • if a child is overheating, he or she does not sweat althoughRead More