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A British woman has trouble

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A British woman has trouble

This is another of these stories from the other side of the Atlantic which could not possibly happen in America. Meet Sharran Alexander who lives in London. She’s fifty-years-old and a mere 450 pounds in weight. The point of the story is that she’s always wanted to be able to drive, but every time she’s approached a driving school, the vehicle provided has been too small. As instructors have been quick to point out, it’s dangerous for anyone to drive if she cannot turn the wheel freely. She’s spent severalRead More

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Drunk driving as teens

It’s sometimes useful to compare what happens in other countries to give us a sense of perspective on our own systems. When we see how other countries react to problems, we can ask whether we should be doing the same. Take Britain as an example. They have set seventeen as the magic age at which young people can apply for a permit to drive. To get a full driver’s license, a young person must pass a theory test and then a practical test. Despite this later arrival on the road,Read More
This is another of these stories where we feel sorry for the poor saps who live in other countries, confident the same problems could not possibly affect us. Alarmed by the large deficit and determined to cut back on the amount paid to run government services, the British have been facing cuts to almost all their services. There are now fewer people to run the services and those who remain are paid less. One of the places this is hitting is in the agency which administers the practical driving tests.Read More

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Make the testing regime tougher

The world may be a big place but, in developed countries, it does not matter where you go, the problems stay the same. So in India which is the second most populous country, there’s a real problem both in the number of vehicles on the road, and in the standard of driving. It’s a sad fact, but driving conditions are chaotic and the new national government of Narendra Modi is proposing measures to make the roads safer. Today, you might be on the road in your new luxury vehicle alongsideRead More

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Maintaining the standard

One of the indisputable facts of road safety is the high accident rate among teen drivers. Like all people learning new skills, mistakes are not uncommon. The problem with drivers is the danger to others when a vehicle can be a dangerous weapon. The question is whether the behind-the-wheel driving test is sufficiently rigorous to ensure only well-trained and essentially safe drivers are allowed sole control of a heavy projectile moving along a road at speed. This question is being actively discussed in the small country of New Zealand afterRead More
When the smog refused to clear in Paris and slowly built up to dangerous levels, the French felt they had to do something. Their answer was the odd/even license plate bans. On Monday, only odd-numbered license plates are allowed in the city. On Tuesday, only even-numbered plates are allowed, and so on. Unfortunately for the French, all the evidence shows this approach does not work. We can say this because there are license plate programs in place in Athens, Beijing, and Mexico City and their pollution levels have not droppedRead More

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Some people deserve no mercy

The law assumes a person who has been convicted and punished should be treated as rehabilitated. They have paid their debt to society They should be free to go back to their lives as if nothing had happened. Well here’s an example of how such wooly liberal thinking causes immense harm. When she was seventeen, Olivia Carolee Culbreath was convicted of drunk driving in San Bernadino County. There were two other traffic violations. She’s now twenty-one and all limits on her driver’s license were lifted last week. This week sheRead More

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Apps can be bad for insurance

If you look around the country, there are a number of increasingly well marketed apps trying to encourage drivers to use their vehicles as taxis. All you have to do is register and answer calls. The companies behind the app then promise drivers a good hourly return for all the driving they do. The brand leaders in this gold rush to persuade people to turn their vehicles into income-producing assets are Uber, Sidecar and Lyft. However you look at the marketing copy, it looks a winner. On one side youRead More

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Which are the most dangerous states?

Here’s a question to start us off: how do we judge the failure to act? Let’s say, for example, we’re walking along the banks of a river and see a child drowning in shallow water. It would be no danger to us to wade out into the river to rescue this child although we would get our shoes wet. Yet we choose to walk by as if this tragedy is nothing to do with us. Most people would agree this is morally unacceptable behavior. Yet the law takes a slightlyRead More
Both at a federal and state level, government is supposed to work in a way that makes sense. On one side of the equation sits all the tax dollars collected. On the other side are a set of competing claims for spending. In the middle sit our elected representatives. The theory says these are the wisest people we voters could find to represent us when it comes to deciding how to spend the money. It’s a shame it doesn’t quite work in the real world. The representatives get stuck inRead More