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Posted On March 18, 2015By adminIn People and what they drive

Cycling Toward Safety

While riding a bicycle might seem a healthy alternative to constantly driving about in one’s car, there are still very serious safety concerns to consider. How serious? Well, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2012 there were 726 fatal accidents involving a bicycle in the United States. This might not seem too surprising given the amount of recreational cycling, plus the increase in people who commute by bicycle to their jobs (between 1990 and 2009, commuting in this manner increased by 64%), but still, there are questionsRead More

Posted On July 28, 2014By adminIn What's government doing?

Regulating cycling

America is the land of roads. There are interstate highways and dirt roads out in the rural backwoods. But, for some, there are never enough roads. At least, that’s true so long as the cost of gas remains affordable. At some point, the political wind may change and a new wind may begin to blow. This time, instead of personal transport based on electric vehicles, the feeling may be the bicycle is the most environmentally friendly form of personal transport on the planet. Since Americans are also putting on extraRead More