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Tailgate thefts on the rise

When you look at the sales figures for the most popular makes and models sold, the most outstanding numbers come in for pickups. Perhaps in the good old days, this was just landowners and ranchers who needed to get around off-road. Now the ownership of a truck has become a status symbol. People like to project the image of the great outdoors even though all they do is a daily commute past a park. All this would be an entirely harmless way of making a statement but for one veryRead More

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The hotspots for theft 2013

Ever since we humans came down from the tress and began to create our high civilization in caves, we’ve been making lists of our favorite things. It all began with the top ten good things to eat and moved on from there. Today, we’ve kept the habit of making lists, but now focus on quite different things, some pleasant, others less so. This being the middle of 2014, enough time has passed to allow the bean counters to add up all the things we were doing in 2013. Some wereRead More
It used to be just taxes and death that were certain. Now it’s certain your next car insurance quotes will be higher. When it comes to the cost of comprehensive coverage, one of the key factors is the risk your prized vehicle will be stolen. Here’s a fact that should make you sit up and take notice. In America, a vehicle is stolen every forty-four seconds. As we come into spring, the thieves are readying themselves for the big push in July and August when the number of thefts peaks.Read More
Michigan boy on a crime spree

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Michigan boy on a crime spree

It seemed like a routine stop. There was a fourteen-year-old boy driving a 2001 Toyota Avalon. When the officers checked the plates, the car was stolen. A search revealed a mask and a hatchet. What, you might ask, was a boy doing with a mask and a hatchet? The answer is home invasions. This is not an ordinary boy. He’s apparently been responsible for breaking and entering, various thefts and, embarrassingly, bicycle larceny. Most of the time, it seems, he was less than ambitious, only stealing cigarettes, alcohol and cash.Read More
There seems to be an unjustified assumption infecting most of the marketing for new makes and models. They are all naturally proud of the improvements of the car safety technologies. These developments help make our vehicles safer to drive or, if you prefer, the onboard computers can seize control of the vehicle when human drivers do something really stupid like drive round a corner too fast or speed on a slippery road surface. There’s also great excitement from car insurance companies. If drivers are to reduce the burden of theRead More
Over the years, society has grown quite skilled at noticing anything out of the ordinary which includes deciding when an individual looks suspicious. We worry when we see someone lurking in the shadows or moving in an odd way. We remain calm and confident when we see people going about their business in broad daylight. If they feel they have nothing to hide, there’s no reason for us to worry, is there? Stealing in plain sight Sometimes the key to pulling off a criminal act is to be as obviousRead More
There’s one fact common to incompetent people. Almost without exception, none of the recognize just how stupid they are. That’s why so many of them are caught when they decide to try breaking the law. Unfortunately, with most makes and models now more difficult to steal, the amateur thieves are deterred but the professionals continue to drive even the best protected away. So long as the theft rate remains high, comprehensive car insurance rates can’t fall. So while we wait for car safety technologies to beat the car thieves, hereRead More
In the good old days, it was quite easy to steal cars. All it took was a screwdriver to force very basic locks and a knife to cut wires. As design and technology have improved, stealing a car today requires more skill. Except owners still prove very helpful by leaving their vehicles unlocked with the keys inside. The more responsible owners can earn discounts on the car insurance rates by buying new models with anti-theft installed and parking their cars off the road at night. That said, many car theftsRead More