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AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety will be giving you latest car industry news surrounding safety issues around the world in a weekly wrap up, published the beginning of the week. This wrap up provides the largest stories across the globe in automotive news. Hands-free does NOT mean Risk-free The AAA foundation in concert with the University of Utah released a report on distracted driving and the use of hands-free and infotainment systems in cars with a somewhat shocking result. In fact, the distracted driver can remain distracted for up to 27 seconds after finishingRead More
Top Safety Picks
Here is a quick list of all the vehicles the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has tested in 2015, both those that deserved the Top Safety Pick and Top Safety Pick Plus and the vehicles that were tested but did not make the grade as a coveted Top Safety Pick. The IIHS Rating System The IIHS is one of the world’s premier crash test rating systems, that conducts 5 crash related tests on hundreds of vehicles every year. The IIHS conducts two frontal crash tests including Moderate and SmallRead More
Ford F150 Lite Aluminum-Alloy Body
Vehicle manufacturers are always looking for a way to cut costs, increase fuel economies and essentially woo buyers with interesting gimmicks, whether real or imagined. These gimmicks are often just marketing spin, while at other times the gimmick turns into a real world advantage and increased sales. The recent foray into aluminum bodies for vehicles is drawing sharp rhetoric and opinions from every aisle, but which ones should you believe? Ford F150 Lite The company that truly started it all was Ford with the production of an all-aluminum body overRead More
Green Car
For the longest time Green vehicles referred simply to their ability to outperform standard combustion engines on fuel efficiency. Yet all the categories of green vehicles are seeing marked improvements in safety as well, making them some of the safest vehicles on the road. From standard hybrids to full electric cars to the future of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and self-driving/driverless vehicles, safety has become a hallmark of these vehicles today and the future. Follow along as we describe some of the most amazing safety features in green transportation. HybridsRead More
Car Hacking
Although it sounds like a Hollywood movie, this cybersecurity threat just became real. Carjacking just received an entirely new scenario, one that has been proven and caused the first-ever recall of cars in the US because of cybersecurity. Imagine driving on an Interstate Highway at 55+ miles an hour and suddenly your brakes are engaged; this nightmare is real. Too often technology outstrips our ability to control or understand it in a free-market economy, this example is poignant in the extreme. First Ever Remote Car Hack Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA)Read More
Safety here at is paramount to help Americans, young and old to brace new technology and traditional wisdom to increase their driving awareness. The fact that Volkswagen is putting a range of its top safety features, from its premium Audi line-up on most of its models is not just good for them; it’s great for vehicle safety across the industry. The Beetle gets Armor Premium safety features found on the A4 and A6 and other Audi have been implemented on most other Volkswagen models for 2016. Volkswagen, the world’sRead More
2014 Ford Edge Sport
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) continues to turn up the heat on the auto industry. The agency will be watching automakers closely, Automotive News said early today, as it tries to curtail safety snafus such as the enormous General Motors ignition switch fiasco last year. NHTSA announced its intention in the report “NHTSA’s Path Forward.” NHTSA said it was increasing the number and frequency of industry audits. Automakers also will face tougher requests for data from regulators. NHTSA also indicated that it would meet with automakers early inRead More
airbag recall
The airbag recall continues to mushrooming as the number of vehicles involved in the current recall rises to 7.8 million. Like the subject of the most current National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recall, the number of vehicles included in the safety agency’s latest round of callbacks has now reached 7.8 million vehicles. In a series of escalating recalls since last week, the number of vehicles recalled due to defective Takata airbags has blasted from 4.74 to 7.8 million vehicles in under six days. The action of the industry is unparalleledRead More