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Top Safety Picks
Here is a quick list of all the vehicles the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has tested in 2015, both those that deserved the Top Safety Pick and Top Safety Pick Plus and the vehicles that were tested but did not make the grade as a coveted Top Safety Pick. The IIHS Rating System The IIHS is one of the world’s premier crash test rating systems, that conducts 5 crash related tests on hundreds of vehicles every year. The IIHS conducts two frontal crash tests including Moderate and SmallRead More
Car Crash Test
Buying a new or used vehicle has become a research intensive proposition. Not only do you need to know if the vehicle fits your lifestyle, if you like it’s design and other personal choices, but many consumers also want to know a vehicle’s mileage efficiency and now more than ever a car’s crash test safety ratings. However, with two different agencies conducting different tests, it seems confusing. Yet as one of the most important aspect to buying a new car, learning to research and understand these different rating systems isRead More
The IIH’S Top Safety Picks for 2015
Are you looking for a new vehicle? The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) is one of two organizations responsible for testing current model vehicles in relation to crash testing and providing safety benchmarks for the auto industry. Their ratings have become more relevant as consumers are looking for vehicles with their well-branded “Top Safety Pick” (TSP) and “Top Safety Pick+” (TSP+) more than ever before. Provided below is a full list of the 71 models so far listed as TSP and TSP+s, the overall best vehicle rating in theRead More
Consumer Reports, the leading consumer magazine, looked at its 2014 tests and found five models that were hits and three that were misses in 2014. The editors of Consumer Reports recently sat down and went through their vehicle evaluations to determine their hits and misses for 2014. According to the magazine, the auto staff evaluated more than 50 vehicles in their test series. They testers were thoroughly impressed by five vehicles and weren’t nearly as happy with three. Here is the way Consumer Reports saw them: Acura MDX Restyled forRead More