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When a motor manufacturer spends money on designing a new model, it always hopes for big sales. Sadly, not all designs are a success. Many models sit on dealers’ lots unsold. The manufacturer monitors sales performance. The measure is called the average days in inventory. The longer the time the model sits unsold, the less profit for the manufacturer and the dealers. This is not good news. Often millions of dollars in capital are tied up and not producing a return. When this happens, the dealers are reluctant to carryRead More
One feature of our lives has undeniably changed for the better. Over the last fifty years, the number of deaths on the roads has dropped quite dramatically. As vehicle safety technologies have evolved, we have all become safer drivers and the need to make claims has reduced. At this point, we need to point out a potential conflict of interest. Let’s assume for a moment that technology could develop to the point where all risk of traffic accidents could be eliminated. The federal government looks on this new world andRead More

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Self-driving vehicles are on the way

One of the problems with auto safety has been the continuing presence of human beings as the drivers. Even though the technology has improved, humans continue to make mistakes and crash into each other. The major motor manufacturers are therefore liming up to bring semi- or fully-autonomous vehicles to the market. Andy Palmer, Executive Vice President of Nissan Motor Co, has just announced plans to bring new models to the market by 2020. These will be more fuel efficient than today’s models and fully autonomous. All the human passengers willRead More
The question is how many is too many? Can you have too much of a good thing? Well, apparently motor manufacturers think you can never have too much product on sale. It’s estimated there’s more than 3 million new vehicles sitting on sales lots across America in July 2013. That’s significantly more vehicles than at the same time last year, i.e. one year ago there were about 1 million fewer vehicles in inventory. That means the manufacturers and dealers have tied up an amazing amount of capital on lots. It’sRead More
Now that the halfway point has been passed and the slippery slope to 2014 is accelerating you into the future, everything in the media is getting ready for the launch of the 2014 models. Let’s be clear. Not all the manufacturers have had a great 2013. Some have had issues with their current models. Others still have legacy issues with their brand. Both successful and less than successful manufacturers are therefore pinning their hopes on the new range of vehicle due to hit the showrooms in the fall. It’s alreadyRead More
Consistently, surveys have found Americans want to support their own industries. They have grown weary of seeing jobs outsourced. They want their money to keep local jobs in local factories. So ignore all the other factors like some men wanting their car to make them appear sexy and attractive to young women, people want to buy American. This is patriotism expressed through the use of buying power. Except what does buying American mean? Let’s consider the possible criteria: • the manufacturer is an American company; • the make and modelRead More
All manufacturers play games with the formal news media and the bloggers who are out to collect the definitive scoop of what the next model is going to look like. As you can see from the partial reveal, the manufacturer plays the strip tease so that alert photographers can take a few pictures. At a different time, a different part of the model will be unveiled. Devoted fans can then piece together all the different shots to get their first overview of the next model in the Cooper S seriesRead More
Leaders have a real problem. To build their reputation and generate local support, they need to be seen. In the days before television, this always meant literally going out into the world. While popularity is high, the risks are manageable but, as John Wilkes Booth demonstrated, going to the theater became dangerous when access to small handguns is easy. Guns, bombs and visiting heads of state like Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria do not mix when open-topped cars are in use. In Sarajevo, the vehicle in use was a GräfRead More
If you look at the raw data, almost 40% of all vehicle registration tags show women as “owner”. You’ll understand this simple percentage is probably an understatement because, as from 2012, more women than men hold driver’s licenses. Why an understatement? Because in marriages, major purchases like cars tend to be in the husband’s name even if the wife is going to be the sole or the primary driver. This reflects the power and respect commanded by the man in a marriage, but it fails to recognize that the womenRead More