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What exactly is peak car?

When we began to find so many ways in which to use crude oil, someone soon asked whether this was wise. There’s only so much oil in the ground. The more dependent we become on this black stuff, the more trouble we’ll have when the oil runs out. At this point, everyone else fell about laughing. Everyone knew there was so much oil, we could use it for the next century and still have enough left over for another decade or so. Put another way, this was a problem forRead More

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Insurance and recalls

If you keep up with the news, you will have seen Ford issued two more recalls of almost 140,000 2013 Escapes in the US. It seems they can catch fire so the company is now proposing to change the shielding around the engine and to modify the fuel lines. For those of you keeping count, this will be the seventh recall when it was discovered that some of the garages working on the last recall had incorrectly installed the fuel lines. This November also sees Volkswagen recalling 2.6 million ofRead More

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Fisker Automotive may have been saved

The manufacturer based in Anaheim, California suspended production of the Fisker Karma in 2012 when the company supplying its batteries went into liquidation. It was also sued by Tesla Motors and lost some three-hundred Karmas when Hurricane Sandy hit Port Newark while the cars were awaiting export, all of which dented investor confidence. Now finding itself in bankruptcy, it seems to have done a deal with Hong Kong millionaire, Richard Li, to buy the assets. The effect of this is good for a company which has been innovative in developingRead More

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Going faster is not going safer

Honda seem to be looking through the telescope into the future with a different focus. Over the decades, the manufacturer has been building engines with very impressive performance using natural aspiration. The design team now seems to be recognizing it’s reaching the limits of the efficiency that can be achieved just using volume. This gives them a chance to make an informed decision. All the statistics collected over the decades from countries around the world tell the same story. Speed kills! The faster people are allowed to drive, the moreRead More
The US House’s Highways and Transit Subcommittee held a hearing on autonomous vehicles. It’s concerned at reports from some motor manufacturers that the first autonomous vehicles will be launched on to the market by 2020. Mike Robinson of GM thought this pace of development was overly optimistic. He believes humans will have to remain in control for longer, reflecting some doubt as to whether the public will accept this technology. It’s going to cost more in retail price to sit and be driven. It may take time to overcome theRead More
Japan and California already have two-hundred FCX Clarity hydrogen cars on lease where there are adequate refueling points. The numbers are limited simply to test the technology. Hence, with full insurance cover thrown in, the rental is $600 per month. This is a realization of the FCX Concept car that was shown in 2006 and Honda are promoting the vehicle as a practical fuel cell vehicle. It takes five minutes to refuel and has zero emissions. If the technology proves reliable and a full infrastructure of hydrogen fuel distribution isRead More
The question those responsible for planning the future of our cities have been wrestling with is whether we should be forced to give up personal transport relying on gas, and opt for public transport with some electric-powered options for individuals. Let’s make no mistake about this issue. Even if climate change proves to be an exaggerated threat, there will come a time when oil reserves run low and the cost of refined gas will make it too expensive to continue powering cars. This will mean redesigning the space where weRead More
In the last days of summer, the last thing on people’s minds is buying a new vehicle. Holidays dominate spending. Parents are playing back-to-school games with their kids, Inventory builds up on the sales lots and the Labor Day sales hope to attract attention and boost sales. The motor manufacturers have just released their monthly sales figures and the cumulative total just dipped below the estimates for this year. This even though retail sales showed a 9% increase in the third quarter. The trade was hoping for more serious improvement.Read More
Ford is voluntarily recalling about 24,000 electric vehicles because the door chime system is not working properly. This may strike you as odd. So just why has the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration strong-armed Ford into this recall? What has this to do with car safety? The door chimes in vehicles such as the C-Max hybrid are necessary because when the engine is idling, it’s almost silent. It’s therefore possible for drivers to walk away from their vehicles not realizing they are still running. Without the engine noise or vibrationRead More
Although many people may not always be aware of how far their prejudices and beliefs influence their decision-making, there’s a practical reality that tends to shine through the statistics. Individually, trends may not be obvious. But when you scale up to larger numbers of people, you can see how far the group-think operates. If we wanted to insult people, we could keep things very simple and accuse liberals of being in love with their Volvos while the rednecks sleep in their pickup trucks. Not that this is directly relevant but,Read More