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Both at a federal and state level, government is supposed to work in a way that makes sense. On one side of the equation sits all the tax dollars collected. On the other side are a set of competing claims for spending. In the middle sit our elected representatives. The theory says these are the wisest people we voters could find to represent us when it comes to deciding how to spend the money. It’s a shame it doesn’t quite work in the real world. The representatives get stuck inRead More

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The best in Germany?

So here comes a very simple question. The American Automobile Association is a nonprofit organization and, at the last count, it had more than 50 million members. Suppose it ran a national award to identify the “best” vehicle in class. Would you expect the procedure to decide the winners to be fair and above board? Given this is a body many trust to run environmental campaigns and to represent its members in a variety of different political settings, the answer is presumably “yes”. Yet here’s news from Germany’s largest motoringRead More

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Car sales surge

The numbers are in for 2013 and they show the sale of vehicles surged in 2013. In total 15.6 million were sold. That’s a 7.5% increase from the the 14.5 million sold in 2012. In some parts of the country, dealers were having trouble in restocking their showrooms fast enough to meet demand. For example, the Subaru Forrester was only in the showroom an average of 26 days before being sold. Why have sales spiked? The vehicles with the highest sales numbers have been redesigned. This suggests buyers are influencedRead More
New Ford F-150 2015
The average person in North America now carries a mass of computer hardware around as cellphones or other handheld computer technology so we tend to forget that, forty years ago, it would have taken a machine filling a large atmosphere-controlled room to produce the same set of calculations. The graphics would have been impossible given yesterday’s machines. That’s why all motor manufacturers used to struggle when it came to designing a new vehicle from scratch or finding the right changes for an effective upgrade. Now manufacturers can call on computer-aidedRead More

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The future shown at Detroit 2014

The 2014 North American International Auto Show has just been held at Detroit and this gives us a chance to identify the trends for the next year or so with both actual models and concept cars on display. The important feature of this auto show is that it brings manufacturers from all the major markets. So in addition to the home-grown product, we get to see the pick of the new models from both the Europeans and the Asians. This year we seem to be turning the clock back. LookingRead More

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Seat belts save lives

Over the years, research has consistently demonstrated that the correct use of seat belts or appropriate child restraints is the easiest way to reduce the number of injuries in crashes and save lives. In a car, the combination of lap and shoulder restraints reduces the risk of serious injury by 50% and of death by 45%. If you are in a light truck, you reduce the risk of serious injury by 65% and of death by 60%. Fitting and using child restraints is even more effective in the youngest passengers,Read More
President Obama and the current administration have been forced to stand up and defend the NSA collecting metadata about all our telephone calls. It seems our government has been spying on us and many of us think that’s a bad thing. Except that’s just the latest in a series of disclosures about Google, Facebook and other sites tracking the way in which we use the internet. American corporations think we don’t care about privacy. Well here comes the motor manufacturers. They have been installing an increasing amount of computer powerRead More

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Control of Chrysler unified

The recent history of Chrysler has been deeply troubled but it now seems the corporation has finally turned the corner into what promises to be a stable future. First, a brief recap. In 1998, the corporation “merged” with Daimler-Benz. With profitability in steep decline, the German company sold most of its holding to Chrysler Capital Management LP. In 2007, the final tranche of shares was transferred and the corporation entered bankruptcy. After making a loan of $8 billion, the federal government saw the corporation through bankruptcy. In 2011, Fiat boughtRead More

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Can we be more honest?

Did you see the other day, the star of The Hunger Games was saying it should be made a criminal offense to call anyone fat on television. Indeed, when you look at many of the television shows like The X-Factor and American Idol, the early stages are all about the embarrassment of the assessment panel who are forced to find ways of politely informing the singers, dancers or other entertainers that their acts are really, really bad. As the years have gone by, we’ve stopped honestly judging and ranking people.Read More
It depends who you talk to but some people seem to think the recession is over in America. Despite the catastrophe in Detroit and other cities traditionally associated with manufacturing, the sales of new cars has been picking up during 2013. It seems more people have either saved up enough cash or are prepared to go back into debt to buy one of the new models. To encourage this, the motor manufacturers have been busy in the design studios and have been tweaking the look and feel of the bestRead More