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Conspiracy theories do not apply

Let’s confirm the more obvious ideas that there really was a moon landing and that there are no UFOs containing little green men (this does not discount the possibility the US Air Force has some experimental craft we get to see every now and then). Everyone loves a good theory, particularly if it fits in with what we already know. So here’s a fact for you. When Honda first launched the hybrid model called the Insight, it produced an average gas mileage of 52 mpg (that’s 58 mpg on theRead More
Once a snowball begins rolling down a slope, it tends to gather both mass and momentum. In this case, General Motors has discovered it has a rather large hole in its safety record. Having begun with a general indication it would recall a relatively small number of makes and models because of an ignition fault now linked to thirty-one crashes and at least a dozen deaths, the latest count shows a total of about 2.6 million vehicles to be recalled, including the Chvrolet Cobalt and HHR, Saturn Ion and Sky,Read More

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GM CEO Mary Barra admits errors

There’s an old adage that when you’re in a pit, it’s better to stop digging and start looking for a way to climb out. Mary Barra, CEO of General Motors, has begin that process as an introduction to announcing three new recalls. So not content with having hidden the problem of faulty ignition switches for years with a few or large number of deaths depending on who you listen to, the total number of additional vehicles to be recalled is 1.5 million — more than 3 million overall. Marra BarraRead More

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The politics of recalls

We need to start with an explanation of the thinking behind the recall of defective vehicles. As the law stands, consumers who buy a defective product have the right to sue the manufacturer, but this is a slow-moving process and expensive unless you can get a class action going. But if you are successful. the finding of corporate negligence can open the floodgates of compensation payments. To avoid this unpleasant financial consequences, manufacturers often agree to a product recall. In public relations terms, there’s always going to be damage toRead More

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General Motors feeling the pain

Although investors should always be focused on the long term, it’s foolish not to take note of current issues in the news, particularly if this news may affect the share price. We need to start with the general proposition that any manufacturer wants to minimize the extent of any recall. First, it hits the reputation of the brand for reliability and, second, it hits the bottom line in having to pay all the dealers to repair the defective vehicles. General Motors currently has a problem with faulty ignition switches. There’sRead More

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The gamble buying electric

When you buy a vehicle with a conventional gas engine, you know even the worst of garages will have some idea of how to diagnose problems and make repairs. The same basic mechanical set-up has been around for years and garages have built up experience. But when it comes to the modern makes and models bringing hybrid technology to the marketplace, the presumption disappears. Now think about an all-electric, plug-in vehicle. There are even fewer all-electric models on the roads and most garages would never have had the chance toRead More
In the days before laws came along to regulate capitalism, inventors had a tough time. The most creative would spend months and years developing a new product and, within days of the perfect model being released on to the market, competitors had copied it and were cashing in on the inventor’s brain power. To even up the playing field, intellectual property laws were introduced, the first being the patent. This is a monopoly granted to an inventor for a set number of years. If anyone else simply copies the protectedRead More
New Dodge Challenger 2014

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Depreciation is the big killer

Unless you bought a collectible, every asset you buy is likely to depreciate (that’s not counting your home which, over time, has tended to hold its value). In part, this is because of the sales tax you pay. That’s just part of the price you have to pay to get ownership. After that unhappy moment, the secondhand value varies in line with supply and demand. Take a book as an example. If the print run was in the thousands, you will be able to buy a used copy for aRead More

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Overconfidence is dangerous

Basic economics is all about the law of supply and demand. When there’s a stable balance, manufacturers plan their supply to meet the demand. Costs can be controlled, prices set, and profits collected. But if the market lacks balance, the chance of serious losses increases. So, for example, if demand unexpectedly collapses for some reason, the manufacturers produce the same number of units and find they cannot sell them. It’s not possible to turn supply on and off like water coming out of the faucet, so there may be seriousRead More

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Has the IIHS killed the market for small cars?

Life is never clear cut when financial interests do not coincide. It would be good for consumers if there could be objective testing by a genuinely independent body with reports giving a fair and honest assessment of the results. Sadly, that’s never going to happen when millions of dollars can rest on the outcome. So when it comes to motor vehicles, we have the federal government on one side. It acts through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). On the other, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) comesRead More