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Consumer Reports, the leading consumer magazine, looked at its 2014 tests and found five models that were hits and three that were misses in 2014. The editors of Consumer Reports recently sat down and went through their vehicle evaluations to determine their hits and misses for 2014. According to the magazine, the auto staff evaluated more than 50 vehicles in their test series. They testers were thoroughly impressed by five vehicles and weren’t nearly as happy with three. Here is the way Consumer Reports saw them: Acura MDX Restyled forRead More
Buoyed by a 300 percent increase in the small-vehicle market segment in four years, Chevy will expand its share further with the new Trax. When the Chevrolet Trax goes on sale in January, it will be the third time the General Motors division has used the Gamma II platform in its small-car lineup. So far, the Gamma II platform has been employed by Chevrolet as the basis of its Sonic and Spark (it is also the underpinning of the Buick Encore). Officially, the name of the platform is the GammaRead More
Ford Motors, already reeling from another recall affecting nearly 1 million vehicles, was dealt a second whammy as it watched its sales performance falter in September. Ford was the only major automaker to perform poorly in September as its sales dipped 2.4 percent from last year (180,000 versus 221,000). As a result, the automaker’s share of the market slipped 1.7 percent to 14.5 percent. A further result of the poor sales performance was a loss of faith in the financial markets. The automaker saw its stock value drop by moreRead More
The negatives now outweigh the positives When the automobile first appeared, it was a toy for the rich to play with. Everyone else relied on horses and the world continued to turn. Unfortunately, Henry Ford then decided to make the car a mass market product that everyone could afford. In a short space of time, horses were discarded and several thousand stables went into liquidation, throwing a significant number of people out of work. Automobiles have always had positives and negatives attached to them. With more efficient transport, economic activityRead More
The American culture always likes to declare winners (and mention the losers with a sad smile). We love winners and so tend to produce lists. Coming at the top usually earns a big cheer except, perhaps, when foreign brands beat American brands. Why, we ask, can we not do better? When it comes to the motor manufacturing industry, the lists for the last twenty-five years have shown Ford edging out Toyota or Honda as the winner. For those obsessive people who care about the losers, Nissan tended to be aRead More

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I see you

When you look at the current designs for vehicles, one of the developing features is the presence of an increasing number of cameras. Let’s start with the highest profile change. As from 2018, the law will mandate every vehicle sold in the US to have a rear camera. There have been too many stories about caring parents running over their children as they back out of the garage for this simple change not to be made. As it stands, there’s a big blind spot behind vehicles and with children beingRead More
Image source: If you watch your mail closely, you have probably noticed something interesting recently — there has been a big increase in the number of letters and/or emails from your local Rolls-Kanardly dealership or the local Poppaflat mini-car headquarters telling you of the great deals available and asking you to “come on down.” While the number of letters has not increased exponentially, i.e. a whole bunch, you should still have seen more letters from dealerships offering the best deals in years, but you have to act before theRead More
One of the ways in which corporations try to show you their business is doing well is to release the sales figures. Even though the profit may be poor, a rise in the number of units sold always encourages investors the business model is sound and the company will soon be declaring dividends. You only have to look at Amazon to see this philosophy in action. It consistently boasts the volume of sales exceeds expectations and that the resulting revenue is invested in the development of new products and services.Read More
You might remember General Motors failed to report the problem with the ignition switch to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. This May saw the announcement of the civil fine to be paid by GM. It’s $35 million. Million? you ask. When the civil fines levied on the banks has been measured in hundred of millions and, more recently, billions, the idea a multinational car manufacturer might only have to pay $35 million for an offense in which some people have died seems odd. For the record, the current levelRead More

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Fiat-Chrysler may move to London

There’s a tax loophole currently in operation that gives a big financial incentive to any US corporation to relocate its corporate HQ to a lower tax regime. This is US-sanctioned tax avoidance. The latest corporation lining up to take advantage of this is Fiat-Chrysler which is proposing to shift to London. For the record, the British rate of corporation tax is falling to 20%. If you look at Italy, the tax rate is 31.4%. This move to Britain is a big saving. That said, it’s a big loss to theRead More