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How to Get Mock Car Insurance Quotes Online
Find out how to use mock insurance quotes to get the best deal on your car insurance, and what you need to know about themRead More

Posted On October 3, 2014By adminIn Insurance

Comparison sites regulated in Britain

The British may do everyday things in an odd way — like drive on the wrong side of the road — but when it comes to investigating the different ways in which the consumer can be ripped off, it can sometimes teach America how to make life better. Before coming to car insurance, let’s briefly consider the business practices of Amazon. Now you may think this online retailer is doing a great job by regularly offering discounts on the products it sells. But here’s the problem. When people sign upRead More

Posted On September 2, 2014By adminIn Insurance

The genders are not the same

Everyone knows the car insurance rates are set according to the actuarial tables produced and maintained by the insurance industry. These assess the level of risk depending on who you are, how old you are, how many years you have been driving, what make and model you drive, and so on. It’s also well-known that the young are most at risk of injury or death in a motor accident. Indeed, crashes have become the leading cause of death amongst the young. Given this is an avoidable cause of death, thisRead More

Posted On August 20, 2014By adminIn Insurance

The uninsured motorist problem

This is a genuinely perplexing issue. Given today’s technology, there should be no uninsured drivers on the road. There are state databases showing all the vehicles registered for use on the public roads, and the insurers have their own records showing which vehicles are insured and by whom. It should be the easiest coding task to combine the two databases and produce a list of all the registered vehicles where there’s no valid auto insurance policy in force. Law enforcement officers can therefore work through the list, visiting all theRead More

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Limits on liability claims

Car insurance is a very simple process on paper. If you own a vehicle and want to protect yourself against losses, you enter into a contract with an insurer. In the circumstances set out in the policy, the insurer will pay out if you suffer losses of the right type. Ah, so what losses are actually covered? Well that’s for the insurer to offer, and for you to accept or reject. In practical terms, no insurer is going to rewrite the terms of a policy just for you. So itRead More

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Repairing roads reduces rates

There’s no secret about the way the car insurance industry calculates the annual premium rates. In each state, the insurers look at the statistics on the number of accidents and the cost of the losses. Given all the headings of cost are increasing every year, even if only to match the current level of inflation, there’s a rising trend of cost. In the case of medical expenses, the rise in the cost of treatment is particularly burdensome. So the annual rates also rise. There are only two ways to eitherRead More

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The hotspots for theft 2013

Ever since we humans came down from the tress and began to create our high civilization in caves, we’ve been making lists of our favorite things. It all began with the top ten good things to eat and moved on from there. Today, we’ve kept the habit of making lists, but now focus on quite different things, some pleasant, others less so. This being the middle of 2014, enough time has passed to allow the bean counters to add up all the things we were doing in 2013. Some wereRead More

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Is suing the best answer?

The boundary line between the law and politics is often difficult to define. When politicians make laws, they are turning policy into enforceable rights. When courts enforce those rights, they are giving rights to ordinary citizens. It’s a top-down approach to empowering ordinary people. But sometimes, the outcome in the courts is unpredictable. So, for example, a case in Eugene, Oregon, was started by two teens against Governor John Kitzhaber. Concerned they might not have a future to look forward to if climate change proves to be real, they hadRead More

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Motorcycles are becoming more popular

It’s actually quite difficult to find data about the number of motorcycles manufactured and sold but one thing is clear. Motorbikes are growing more popular. Why should this be? Of course it could just be the romance of the activity. People always talk about the sense of freedom on the road with the sun warming you and the wind ruffling your hair (assuming no crash helmet). Boomers think back to the glory days of Easy Rider and all that went with those laid-back times. More modern riders have turned toRead More

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Apps vs fraud

It’s a well known fact that the cost of fraud on car insurance claims in America is several billion dollars every year. This cost is simply passed on to the law-abiding drivers who all get to pay higher premium rates. To see what action can quickly and easily be taken to reduce the number of fraudulent claims, here’s a story from Singapore. A local car insurance company is giving away a smartphone app. Yes, it’s absolutely free and allows drivers to use their smartphones to record road conditions while driving.Read More