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Black-Owned Insurance Companies: Then Until Now
Find out about the history of black owned insurance companies, how they got to where they are now, and which one was the most prevalent. Read More
Insurance Telematics USA 2015 Conference and Exhibition

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Insurance Telematics USA 2015

TU-Automotive: North America’s Leading Insurers Head to Chicago as Connected Car Motor Insurance Shifts up a Gear May 20 2015: Executives from North America’s leading insurance companies will head to Chicago this (September 2-3) for the Insurance Telematics USA 2015 Conference and Exhibition. This will be the 5th annual event in which the ecosystem for the connected car and motor insurance converge. The connected car is gaining more traction with automakers. So much so that nearly all new vehicles have some iteration of a connected offering in the vehicle. ThisRead More
Arkansas insurance

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Car Insurance Companies in Arkansas

Shopping for car insurance doesn’t have to be a long and painful experience. There are dozens of car insurance companies in Arkansas that each have their own deals and specialties, and we’ll highlight many of them below so you have a one stop shop to find the insurance that is ideal for you and your lifestyle. 1st Auto and Casualty With coverage of both automobiles and farm equipment, 1st Auto & Casualty is flexible to the lifestyle in Arkansas. Their mission is to serve past, present, and potential policyholders withRead More

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Auto-repair shops take action

If you were to look at the system for repairing damaged vehicles on paper, it would appear to be a good design. Here’s what the car insurance industry will tell you happens: • you report damage to your vehicle which is covered by the policy; • a claims adjuster examines your vehicle and, assuming the cost of repair is deemed reasonable, the insurer will authorize the repair; • the auto-repair shop does the work and returns the vehicle to you in top-class condition; • you are satisfied; • the auto-repairRead More