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Sooner or later, just about everyone gets into the market for a new car. It’s a time that can be exciting, confusing, fun, a little frightening and frustrating, all at the same time. Why, it is because buying a car is so out of the ordinary for most people. Let’s face it, according to leading the leading consumer publication, Consumer Reports, buying a car is now a five- to eight-year phenomenon. Because of their expense, many buyers opt for 60- to 84-month loans. That means instead of getting into theRead More

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Why is selling direct a bad thing?

One of the most interesting games in the capitalist town is the notion of vertical integration or direct selling. If we start very small scale, one shop may operate as a bakery, and sell its bread and cakes to the local population. So the cost to the buyer is the cost of raw materials, labor, general overheads and a profit margin. Now let’s make this a larger operation. The bakery expands its production capacity and can make enough bread and cakes to supply five shops in the city. Although there’sRead More
Image source: Although the year is still only a little more than half over, in the auto world, it’s already 2015. With the exception of a few 2014 orders that are just being delivered, all the vehicles being delivered at any dealership from Boston to Sacramento and beyond, are 2015 models. It’s true that there are still many 2013 and 2014 models on dealers’ lots, but they are leftovers and present a bit of a problem to dealers – which makes this a great time for you to beRead More