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If law-makers approach questions as a matter of common sense, the law should create criminal offenses when the behavior represents a danger to others. The threat of punishment is hoped to deter the unwanted behavior. The fact individual liberty has been sacrificed is justified because the safety of the many outweighs the loss suffered by the few who represent a danger. So when it comes to creating an offense affecting driving, the test is always going to be whether the driver was acting in a way that was inherently dangerous.Read More
Well, it was only a matter of time. Up to now, the police have pulled over drivers who were shaving or applying make-up, eating a Big Mac or using their smartphones to text. This week sees the first ticket issued for a driver wearing Google Glass. Cecilia Abadie was speeding. The alert officer stopped her and then noticed the source of potential distraction. It was a defining moment. Minutes later, a shocked Ms Abadie posted a copy of the ticket on Google+. To be clear, California and many other statesRead More
At the eleventh hour in the last session, the legislature in California passed AB60 which allows undocumented immigrants to obtain a driver’s license. Although the GOP paint this as giving illegal immigrants a reward for breaking the law, this is to misunderstand the intention. When it comes to government traffic control through laws, the most important consideration is highway safety. If all drivers carry proper car insurance, everyone is better protected. In passing this law, California is coming into line with nine other states which permit drivers the right toRead More
Cutting to the chase, America likes to think of itself as a country on its own, better than every other country because it’s driven by capitalism. Anything that suggests socialism is pulling America in the wrong direction, following in the footsteps of Europe or the communist countries — and that would never do. So America is the land of the free where people either make enough money to eat, or they are left to depend on charity. If people grow to expect charities or the state will help them outRead More

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The answer lies in the pink mustaches

In Los Angeles this June, hundreds of cab drivers brought loud complaints to the ears of those in City Hall. The drivers circled the building, honking their horns, while representatives went inside to complain about the new apps offered by Lyft, Sidecar, and Uber Technologies Inc. The most high profile of these upstarts is Lyft, founded by John Zimmer in San Francisco. The vehicles running in his service all wear a pink mustache (sorry, carstache) as a hood decoration. It’s the old rule. If you want to get your newRead More