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There are several ways in which you can approach the task of solving potential problems. Assuming you decide not to ignore it, the most positive is called the precautionary principle. At its simplest level, this looks at all the things that could go wrong, it ranks them in terms of probability, and then puts precautionary measures in place to deal with the most severe risks. Depending on the budget available, this can produce the most effective safeguards for people potentially at risk. Of course, the moment you mention spending moneyRead More
All the emergency services should require their drivers to go through professionally run courses to teach them how to drive more safely at speed. Does this mean they will actually be safer? Sadly, no. No matter how well trained a driver, the risks of an accident increase dramatically the higher the speed traveled. This is because no matter how good the reaction times of the driver, he or she is always dependent on the reactions of the other road users. So even though the driver may be an expert onRead More

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Speed kills no matter who’s driving

If you check out the statistics on fatal crashes around the world, there’s one consistent truth. Speed kills. Indeed, it kills even though no other vehicle is involved. Drivers cause their vehicles to overshot bends or roll over by driving too fast for the road conditions. This applies no matter who’s doing the driving. In the early predawn Monday, two California Highway Patrol officers were killed while driving along Route 99 to the scene of an accident in Kingsburg. As they approached the crash, they realized one of the injuredRead More

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Drunken drivers in Los Angeles beware

Under normal circumstances, law enforcement officers are extremely patient with offenders. Yes, these law-breakers may be a source of great frustration and annoyance, but the lot of the police officer is to accept it all with a smile. Except in Los Angeles, of course. This Friday saw a chase lasting just a little over an hour in downtown Los Angeles. There were representatives from the LA police, the sheriff’s department and the California Highway Patrol. At various times, they were all in pursuit of a Corvette being driven dangerously. InRead More

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Driver just can’t kick the habit

This is an interesting story out of California. There are times when there’s real political advantage from holding out a helping hand. So it was for Democrat Representative Lois Capps of Santa Barbara when a drunk driver crashed into a car being driven by her husband. She hired a hit-and-run driver on to her staff and went for the sympathy vote. Unfortunately, Raymond Victor Morua has killed a woman. Last week, he was drunk driving and hit Mallory Rae Dies. His blood alcohol concentration was 0.17 which is twice theRead More

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Should everyone follow California’s example?

One of the features supposed to make America a great place to live is the freedom of speech. Everyone has a right to say what they want (within the limits of the law, of course) and no one has a right to stop the publication. So along comes the Consumer Federation of America which duly exercises its right to publish reports on all aspects of American life as it affects consumers. If the CFA believes consumers are being ripped off or treated badly in terms of service, it has theRead More

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Google Glass goes on trial

In October, Cecilia Abadie was pulled over for what was supposed to be a routine stop for an alleged speeding offense in California. Unfortunately the California Highway Patrol Officer saw the woman was wearing one of the Google Glass devices out on test — there are 10,000 explorers who are “road testing” the device — and decided this was a distraction to the driver. A ticket followed using a law usually applied when the driver is watching a television or other monitor for displaying moving images. Ms Abadie has nowRead More

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Fisker Automotive may have been saved

The manufacturer based in Anaheim, California suspended production of the Fisker Karma in 2012 when the company supplying its batteries went into liquidation. It was also sued by Tesla Motors and lost some three-hundred Karmas when Hurricane Sandy hit Port Newark while the cars were awaiting export, all of which dented investor confidence. Now finding itself in bankruptcy, it seems to have done a deal with Hong Kong millionaire, Richard Li, to buy the assets. The effect of this is good for a company which has been innovative in developingRead More
Japan and California already have two-hundred FCX Clarity hydrogen cars on lease where there are adequate refueling points. The numbers are limited simply to test the technology. Hence, with full insurance cover thrown in, the rental is $600 per month. This is a realization of the FCX Concept car that was shown in 2006 and Honda are promoting the vehicle as a practical fuel cell vehicle. It takes five minutes to refuel and has zero emissions. If the technology proves reliable and a full infrastructure of hydrogen fuel distribution isRead More

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When is a driver too old?

In Antelope Valley, California, you have to be quick to respond to a threat. If necessary, you have to run out of the way. Why? Well here comes a ninety-one year old driver straight at you. Yes, our senior was driving the wrong way down the 14 Freeway in Lancaster. He managed to travel fourteen miles before he was stopped. Obviously the police politely inquired what he was doing. With a faint smile of apology, he explained he’d missed his exit. Not wanting to continue further in the wrong direction,Read More