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Living in a top ten most expensive auto insurance state, such as California can drive you to search out cheap insurance. However, finding cheap insurance in San Diego, California can be frustrating, simply because the quotes you receive may not measure up to the averages you hear about. Remember that with all the statistics provided in this article, they are simple starting points on a sliding comparison that is constantly changing. In the end, it will be better for you to get a minimum of 10 comparison quotes from national,Read More
Automotive Schools in California
Are you looking for a career that can provide lifelong stability, earning potential that provides for a family and a hands-on experience that allows you to vary your daily duties? Automotive mechanics and motorcycle mechanics in California could be the answer for you. As vehicles including passenger, commercial, industrial and motorcycles become more complex with added technologies for safety, repair technicians are required to be knowledgeable and well educated. This typically leads to higher long-term salary and job security. The U.S. is home to the ‘open road’ mentality and inRead More

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Not wearing a seatbelt can be dangerous

In South Carolina, a State Trooper by the name of Sean Groubert was going about his duty of enforcing the laws of the road. It was his job to keep everyone as safe as possible by making drivers slow down, stop when the lights are at red, and so on. On September 4, he stopped Levar Jones for not wearing his seatbelt. When he demanded Jones produce his driver’s license, the man reached inside the car. At this point, Groubert began to shout, drew his gun, and fired four shots.Read More

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The insurance requirements are clarified

The principle underlying the requirement for mandatory auto insurance is “financial responsibility”. Put simply, this says anyone who engages in an activity that puts others at risk of injury or financial loss, should be able to take responsibility to make good all losses. As applied to driving, every state requires the owners of vehicles to be able to show they could pay a guaranteed minimum amount should they cause loss or damage. In most states, this duty can be satisfied by the owner buying a valid car insurance policy. WhenRead More

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Who’s doing the driving?

The law is sometimes alarmingly easy to understand and then sometimes quite challenging. The idea of vicarious liability says that when someone employs another to do work, the employer is legally responsible for everything the employee does during the course of that work. So if an employee is driving on employer business during the working day, you sue the employer if the employee crashes into you. But if the person who’s doing the driving is an independent contractor, you sue him or her directly. The news out of California forRead More

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Laws to limit self-driving cars

Google are proposing a radical new type of car which would eliminate the ability of the people inside the vehicle to control it. There would be no pedals and no steering wheel. People would be expected to trust the new technology and sit back while they are gently wafted to their destination (at no more than 25 mph). Well Californian lawmakers have been thinking about the legal framework for testing these new vehicles and they have decided there’s a red line in the blacktop. The DMV will be enforcing newRead More

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Regulating cycling

America is the land of roads. There are interstate highways and dirt roads out in the rural backwoods. But, for some, there are never enough roads. At least, that’s true so long as the cost of gas remains affordable. At some point, the political wind may change and a new wind may begin to blow. This time, instead of personal transport based on electric vehicles, the feeling may be the bicycle is the most environmentally friendly form of personal transport on the planet. Since Americans are also putting on extraRead More
It used to be just taxes and death that were certain. Now it’s certain your next car insurance quotes will be higher. When it comes to the cost of comprehensive coverage, one of the key factors is the risk your prized vehicle will be stolen. Here’s a fact that should make you sit up and take notice. In America, a vehicle is stolen every forty-four seconds. As we come into spring, the thieves are readying themselves for the big push in July and August when the number of thefts peaks.Read More

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Annual premium rates keep rising

No matter what your point of view, it seems everything costs more each year. If you’re a consumer, you notice this because unless your pay also rises, it gets harder to make all the payments on your family budget. If you’re one of these corporations that the Supreme Court says are just like ordinary people, all the other corporations keep upping their prices so everything costs more. That’s why you have to increase your prices to help pay all the bills. That may seem a little abstract so let’s comeRead More

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What price your zip code?

Everyone who has car insurance knows the reality of zip code discrimination. We all talk with family and friends and understand how unfair life can be when the rates for similar makes and models vary so much, just by changing the address by a few blocks. Sometimes you wonder whether it’s a good thing to find out exactly how much the rates change. There’s greater peace of mind not knowing how much more you’re paying. But, for better or worse, here comes some research from California. We need to startRead More