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We don’t mind and you don’t matter

Google started the ball rolling and now manufacturers have been announcing their own plans for self-driving vehicles. The universal assumption behind all these initiatives seems to be that the introduction of this technology will be trouble-free and produce such immediate benefits; we will all wonder how we managed before. As an example, General Motors has just announced that in 2017, two of its Cadillacs will enable vehicle-to-vehicle communication to warn the drivers of potential crash situations and give the drivers the option to allow the car to drive it inRead More

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Laws to limit self-driving cars

Google are proposing a radical new type of car which would eliminate the ability of the people inside the vehicle to control it. There would be no pedals and no steering wheel. People would be expected to trust the new technology and sit back while they are gently wafted to their destination (at no more than 25 mph). Well Californian lawmakers have been thinking about the legal framework for testing these new vehicles and they have decided there’s a red line in the blacktop. The DMV will be enforcing newRead More

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Top Gear driver talks

There’s a program on British television called Top Gear — it’s sold around the world so you may have seen it on PBS or one of the cable channels. It specializes in talking about every type of vehicle on (or off) the road and, in sometimes not a very pleasant way, making fun of the vehicles or those who drive them. One of the people featured goes under the house name of Stig. Several people have held this position including Ben Collins. These people always drive like idiots, but hideRead More

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It pays to experiment on people

Here in America, it’s left to the capitalists to get the research done. That means these brave people put their own money at risk when they set out to prove their technology is safe. Of course, when it comes to safety, we the people are not quite as equal. Three states: California, Florida, and Nevada have approved driverless cars on the public roads. Our politicians have decided it’s perfectly safe to let Google’s driverless cars mix in with us. In a way, this is remarkable because, so far, there areRead More

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Learning to drive

Go back to the time the Boomers were learning to drive and it was all very hands-on. To keep the peace, long-suffering parents gave into demands they teach their kids to drive. In practice, this meant the brave or foolhardy sat in the passenger seat while their children scared them. Those who lacked the moral fiber, paid for their children to have lessons. There were few barriers to gaining a driver’s license. The people who administered the tests would sometimes remember to add the odd theory question. Driving round theRead More

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What’s that you say?

When Knight Rider hit our screen and the figure that was David Hasselhoff began his career as a sidekick to a talking car better known as KITT, a television phenomenon was born. Coming up-to-date with Google leading the charge to develop autonomous vehicles or self-driving cars, designers and psychologists are seriously beginning to talk about including an interactive talking system. The problem is one of trust. To some extent, we’ve accepted a computer can be more accurate than a human in grading a multiple choice examination. But when it comesRead More

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Google require an act of faith

Whenever a commercial organization announces a new product or service, the customers must trust the seller or supplier. After all, the customer is going to part with money in the expectation the marketing promises will be sufficiently real. But this latest announcement from Google is asking for more than trust. It’s demanding a leap of faith. As you will know, Google has been investing heavily in the development of an autonomous or self-driving vehicle. It has now confessed to designing and now building small electric vehicles that have no driver’sRead More

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Cyclists of the world relax

When it comes to self-driving cars, Google gets all the attention with those esthetically pleasing white vehicles driving thousands of miles without being involved in any accidents (this may be due to the men running in front of them carrying a red flag). Perhaps Google deserves all this hype for dragging us ever closer to the autonomous vehicle (and all the profit Google will make when it licenses the software to the motor manufacturers). Anyway, the most recent headline has Google claiming its cars can now identify cyclists. That’s aRead More
Whenever you look at the marketing copy on the new makes and models, the content highlighted is always the latest improvements in technology. Engines now produce more power for less fuel. Onboard technology now improves braking performance and stabilizes the vehicle in adverse conditions. Words like “safety” and “green” are prominent as the sellers look for the right buttons to push in persuading us to buy. If you were to go round all the latest auto shows, you might be surprised to see just how much technology is moving fromRead More

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It’s man versus machine

If we travel back in time, the Industrial Revolution was all about creating jobs. Machines could not work on their own. Production had to be managed and supervised by people. This drew large numbers of people from work on the land and led to a significant fall in food production. Fortunately, machines were also able to step in and replace many who had left to work in the factories. Automation saved the day. Until the 1960s, there was always a shortage of labor and, even where there were efficient productionRead More