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Car insurance quotes by text

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Car insurance quotes by text

By far the largest area of risk involved in owning and operating an automobile is the risk of an accident. By definition, accidents cannot be planned for, and even if you are the most careful of drivers you are still at risk for accidents since you must rely on the skills and care of your fellow drivers as well. It’s no surprise then that so many people seek auto insurance quotes for accident coverage both online and in person. There are many things to consider when seeking car insurance quotesRead More
Researchers find that voice-controlled or menu-driven devices create a new type of distracted driving issue. If you haven’t heard of inattention blindness, don’t worry, it’s unlikely you have ever run across it before as you aren’t in the business of automotive safety. Inattention blindness is an example of a new and more deadly class of automotive safety issues that can be put under the heading of cognitive distractions. Inattention blindness is a phenomenon that can cause a person engaged in a mentally demanding task to fail to notice something happeningRead More
takata airbag recall
Auto industry watchers wonder how the airbag recall will affect Takata, the manufacturer. Honda may also feel sting. As the airbag recall continues to gain traction, industry insiders are wondering what it will mean for the manufacturer of the system that is central to the whole issue, Takata. Is it also possible that the popular automaker, Honda, will also feel the sting, one way or another? According to a report on the Reuters news wire, Takata is unlikely to feel any major impact from manufacturers in the short to mediumRead More
On 20 of October at 23:58 Moscow time, a private Dassault Falcon 50 aircraft flying from Moscow to Paris was completely destroyed when the plane crashed into a snowplow in the airport of Vnukovo. Four people were killed: both pilots, the flight attendant and passenger Christophe de Margerie, the head of Total SA oil company. The snowplow driver remained unharmed. At the moment, there are four official interpretations of the incident: that the pilots were at fault, dispatch was at fault, the snowplow driver was at fault or that poorRead More

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Drunk driving as teens

It’s sometimes useful to compare what happens in other countries to give us a sense of perspective on our own systems. When we see how other countries react to problems, we can ask whether we should be doing the same. Take Britain as an example. They have set seventeen as the magic age at which young people can apply for a permit to drive. To get a full driver’s license, a young person must pass a theory test and then a practical test. Despite this later arrival on the road,Read More

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Not wearing a seatbelt can be dangerous

In South Carolina, a State Trooper by the name of Sean Groubert was going about his duty of enforcing the laws of the road. It was his job to keep everyone as safe as possible by making drivers slow down, stop when the lights are at red, and so on. On September 4, he stopped Levar Jones for not wearing his seatbelt. When he demanded Jones produce his driver’s license, the man reached inside the car. At this point, Groubert began to shout, drew his gun, and fired four shots.Read More

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Make the testing regime tougher

The world may be a big place but, in developed countries, it does not matter where you go, the problems stay the same. So in India which is the second most populous country, there’s a real problem both in the number of vehicles on the road, and in the standard of driving. It’s a sad fact, but driving conditions are chaotic and the new national government of Narendra Modi is proposing measures to make the roads safer. Today, you might be on the road in your new luxury vehicle alongsideRead More
The negatives now outweigh the positives When the automobile first appeared, it was a toy for the rich to play with. Everyone else relied on horses and the world continued to turn. Unfortunately, Henry Ford then decided to make the car a mass market product that everyone could afford. In a short space of time, horses were discarded and several thousand stables went into liquidation, throwing a significant number of people out of work. Automobiles have always had positives and negatives attached to them. With more efficient transport, economic activityRead More
Every night, people sit in restaurants and bars drinking alcohol. At some point they do a quick introspection. Do they think themselves fit to drive home? In most cases, they answer the question positively, The more drunk the potential driver, the more confident he or she feels about being able to get home safely. But what starts off as a good time having a meal and a drink can quickly turn into a nightmare. The statistics show someone is killed in a crash involving alcohol every fifty-one minutes. On itsRead More

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It’s an easy mistake to make

There are times when you read the report of an accident, mentally replay the sequence of events in your mind’s eye, and sympathize with the driver. This was one of those accidents waiting to happen, and the driver was unlucky enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Unfortunately, this accident in New Jersey does not fall into that category. Here we have a man entering a parking lot outside the Hudson Mall. People in their own vehicles and on foot reported the driver as looking confused.Read More