Speed kills no matter who’s driving


If you check out the statistics on fatal crashes around the world, there’s one consistent truth. Speed kills. Indeed, it kills even though no other vehicle is involved. Drivers cause their vehicles to overshot bends or roll over by driving too fast for the road conditions. This applies no matter who’s doing the driving.

In the early predawn Monday, two California Highway Patrol officers were killed while driving along Route 99 to the scene of an accident in Kingsburg. As they approached the crash, they realized one of the injured was in the road in front of them. They were going too fast to stop, swerved, and hit the guard rail and a pylon.

While officers should always hurry to get to the scene of an accident, they should always be driving at a speed that’s safe given the level of visibility. Of course we can sympathize with the families of those lost, but CHP needs to think very carefully about the training of its officers and how they respond to reports of an accident. CHP officers are of no use to anyone if they kill themselves driving to the scene of accidents.

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