Protect the environment


One of the problems with the libertarian element in many aspects of American culture is the selfish rejection of any regulations or laws that interfere with what’s seen as our essential freedoms. So, for example, even though there’s a small mountain of research evidence showing restricting the speed of vehicles reduces the number of injuries and deaths on our road, politicians and law enforcement officers do not actively enforce the laws as aggressively as they should. People are largely left to drive however they want with little danger of the law catching up with them.

So how do we feel about laws designed to protect the environment? Well, here comes a case from New York State. The National Park Service put restrictions on the use of off-road vehicles on the Cape Hatteras National Seashore. People were frightening the turtles and killing the birds during the nesting season by recklessly driving over them. Surprisingly, the Beach Buggy Association and other interest groups not only sued to have these restrictions set aside, but now plan to appeal the rejection of their case. They are not willing to let turtles, seabirds or federal judges stand in the way of their right to drive wherever they want, whenever they want.

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