Not wearing a seatbelt can be dangerous


In South Carolina, a State Trooper by the name of Sean Groubert was going about his duty of enforcing the laws of the road. It was his job to keep everyone as safe as possible by making drivers slow down, stop when the lights are at red, and so on. On September 4, he stopped Levar Jones for not wearing his seatbelt. When he demanded Jones produce his driver’s license, the man reached inside the car. At this point, Groubert began to shout, drew his gun, and fired four shots. The first two shots missed, one hitting a gas station. Fortunately, it did not start a fire or cause an explosion. When Jones stood up and presented a better target, two more shots were fired, one hitting him in the hip. The police officer’s behavior was caught on camera and he’s now been changed with aggravated assault. No matter how dangerous it may be to drive without the seatbelt, it does not justify vigilante shooting by a serving police officer. Hopefully, this prosecution will reinforce to police officers that it’s their job to keep road users safe, not to put them in hospital or an early grave.

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