Last Week in Car Safety News – the week ending 6 December will be giving you latest car industry news surrounding safety issues around the world in a weekly wrap up, published the beginning of the week. This wrap up provides the largest stories across the globe in automotive news.

Will Driverless Cars be Licensed to Kill?

As the world’s auto manufacturers start to tout the benefits of driverless cars, like the ability to possibly reduce fatal crashes by up to 80% worldwide, certain policy makers are starting to consider the possible negative side effects of these vehicles. Places like California where Google’s fleet of autonomous vehicles are already on the roads, the DMV in the state is considering safety regulations.

What is being considered is a true moral dilemma. When a car is driverless, the decisions surrounding life and death will need to be programmed into the vehicle’s processors. Thought provoking situations such as should the occupants of the vehicle be put at risk in order to save a number of pedestrians from being struck and possibly killed. These dilemmas will need to be solved as a society before these driverless vehicles are put on the roads. Would you buy a car that would not put your ultimate safety first?

Center for Pet Safety Reviews Harnesses

Pet SafetyIf you have a pet, driving with them in the car is often a concern. Not only for you and driver distraction, but for most pet owners keeping their pets safe is also a concern in case of an accident. These furry friends are just as vulnerable during auto accidents as children. This is why many pet owners by pet harnesses or pet cages for their vehicles in the hopes of preventing serious injury or death to their pets. However the non-profit Center for Pet Safety has been testing these commercial products and bringing attention to the issue.

Unfortunately there are no regulations for these items and so there is a wide varying degree of sophistication to these devices from the very simple and not protective to good examples. The Center, founded in 2011 has been testing these devices and finding that some are much better than others. Although it is not the fault of the manufacturers because there are no safety standards currently in place, at least you can find out which ones will ultimately protect your pet.

IIHS to Include Headlight Ratings as Part of 2017 Safety Ratings

Safety RatingsThe Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), a non-profit body that provides only 1 of 2 of the national safety rankings in the US is set to include headlight safety into its ratings for 2017. This is great news for drivers and new car buyers. The IIHS has added other safety requirements in order to receive its coveted Top Safety Pick and Plus ratings which resulted in many manufacturers adding in these features into their vehicles in order to compete. This was achieved by the ‘small front overlap’ and ‘front crash prevention’ technologies testing that resulted in a slew of auto makers beefing up these safety aspects of their vehicles.

These are largest stories in car safety for the week ending 6 December 2015.

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