Last Week in Car Safety News – the week ending 22 November

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Tesla Recall a Good Move

For an Auto Manufacturer that has a penchant for safety, the latest 90,000 vehicle recall of every single Tesla Model S on the road around the world is somewhat surprising. Simply because they issued the recall voluntarily from one defect found in one vehicle in Europe where the seat belt connector was found to be not connected properly to the lap tensioner. Essentially Tesla was getting out in front of a potential safety hazard at a very early stage, before an actual accident occurred and before anyone was injured.

This is the surprise that many safety advocates are calling a “good move.” Instead of waiting for further burden of proof, Tesla wants to ensure their safety record stays intact without a widespread issue.

Ford’s Drugged Driving Suit

Drugged Driving SuitFord has developed a special effects driving suit that mimics different side effects of taking drugs such as marijuana, heroin and others. Ford has realized through different studies that many young people have admitted to driving while high on certain drugs. They set out to mimic what it’s like on these drugs with a specially modified suit that offers certain side effects. With tunnel vision producing goggles, a hand-tremor inducing module and weights on legs that produce an off-balance situation, the full suit is named the Drugged Driving Suit.

When professional test drivers wore the suit and drove a pre-marked course the results were surprising. These professional drivers could not complete the course and could not drive effectively. Their video shows just how impaired these drugs can make you. Driving while under the influence in most US states includes laws against narcotics and even prescription drugs exactly for these reasons.

US House of Representatives discuss the Internet of Cars

Internet of CarsThe Internet of Things (IoT) is taking the world by storm with consumer electronics getting connected to the Internet to provide some amazing benefits. From fridges that remind you to buy milk, to having a fully connected security system at your home, allowing you to unlock your doors for your children as they arrive home. Yet the House chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Subcommittee on Transportation held a special meeting on the “Internet of Cars.” The potential for this technology is to allow cars to communicate with each other, creating an awareness for safety. The information relayed could include speed and direction to help drivers avoid crashes. When the driver does not act quickly enough, the car could apply the brakes.

However on the other side of the proverbial fence are cyber hackers that could gain control of a car from anywhere in the world. This could lead to using vehicles as weapons, the subcommittee heard from the Representative Ted Lieu of California. Representatives are discussing what legislative regulations should be put in place to protect driver’s privacy and security for such technological uses of the Internet of Cars.

These are biggest stories in car safety for the week ending 22 November 2015.

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