Last Week in Car Safety News – the week ending 15 November

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NHTSA Reverses Position on Bus Seat Belts

Seat belts on school busMark Rosekind of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration just this week came out to reverse their position on seat belt use in School Buses. Not only is the NHTSA, the government agency responsible for highway and car safety advocating seat belts, but a three-point harness belt in these busses, a significant departure from their position over the last few decades.

Rosekind believes that this position needs to be considered at State and Local levels as these administrators will have a better understanding of budget restraints, local constraints and immediate safety demands of their students, but that the position of the NHTSA is in support of such action. Rosekind reinforces the position that the NHTSA has always believed seat belts saves lives and this is no different for school buses. They also believe it reinforces the messaging children see on a daily basis about car safety and seat belts.

5 Important Tech Safety Gadgets

Rear-back up cameraWith the advancement in safety technology for cars increasing a lot faster than an average car buyer purchases a new car a good question arises when looking for a new car. What are the 5 best auto safety gadgets you should consider for your next vehicle purchase?

According to recent news reports and consumer guides you should at a minimum have a rear-back up camera to aid in exiting from parking spots, your driveway and other narrow view areas to get a better look behind you. Lane assist monitors that ensure there are no vehicles in your blind spots when changing lanes is another must have safety feature. Even if your vehicle choice does not have a heads-up display portable options are available to provide critical information in your field of view while driving keeping you focused on the road. A forward collision avoidance system that helps prevent forward collisions or reduces their severity by applying the brakes for you can actually save lives. Adaptive headlights that curve around corners provide better viewing at night.

Google’s Self-Driving Car gets Police Warning

Google self driving carThis police officer was in for a surprise when he pulled over the Google Autonomous driving vehicle for driving too slow. Although there were operators that were able to override the driving system of the vehicle and pull over, it was the car that received the warning for driving to slow. It was driving 24mph in a 35mph zone. The car is capped at 25mph and only allowed to drive on roads with limits of 35mph or slower and this was explained to the officer. No ticket was in fact given. Driving too slowly may also be a safety concern for autonomous vehicles when mixed with impatient and faster human drivers.

These are biggest stories in car safety for the week ending 15 November 2015.

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