Laws to limit self-driving cars


Google are proposing a radical new type of car which would eliminate the ability of the people inside the vehicle to control it. There would be no pedals and no steering wheel. People would be expected to trust the new technology and sit back while they are gently wafted to their destination (at no more than 25 mph). Well Californian lawmakers have been thinking about the legal framework for testing these new vehicles and they have decided there’s a red line in the blacktop. The DMV will be enforcing new rules from September 16. These state, in simple terms, that the driver must be able to take physical control of the vehicle in the event of an emergency. Google are bowing to the inevitable and discussing with the lawmakers how best to produce a version of their vehicle which will comply. It seems Google will be modifying their vehicles so that, in the same way oxygen masks drop down from above when there’s a problem in an airplane, so a small steering wheel will fold out of the dash with brakes for you to put your foot on. Now you all feel safer, testing can begin.

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