Kudos to Long Island


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has now decided to put numbers on the level of danger represented by those who text and drive. In a straight comparison, the level of driving competence is the same as those who have had four alcoholic drinks. Yes, that’s right. Distracted driving is the equivalent of drunken and drugged driving with an increasing number of people being seriously injured and killed by distracted drivers. So here’s an idea from Long Island where the district county attorney is now proposing to ask courts to ban texting drivers. To be clear: that’s ban texting drivers from using their phone behind the wheel. Just as there are ignition interlock devices, she’s proposing to install devices to shut down mobile phones in the vehicles of offenders. If this plan is put into action, people in Long Island will have to go cold turkey on messaging and surfing while driving. Since this is such a good idea, all courts in all states should follow this example. Third party apps should be installed in all phones to act as a kill switch to prevent texting while driving. We should stop this unsafe practice.

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