Just what is fair competition


In one school of thought, there’s only one winner in any competition and it doesn’t matter how this victory was won. The ends justify the means. Yet when it comes to the safety of passengers using a taxi service or a shared-ride company, perhaps all competitors should be focused on providing the best services provided by properly insured drivers who have no criminal convictions. Hopefully the best service at the keenest price wins and passengers benefit from safe rides. Except it seems Uber is only interested in winning even though this results from underhand, if not actually criminal, methods. Uber employees have been booking and then canceling rides by Lyft drivers. Obviously, the longer Lyft vehicles are booked, the longer they are unavailable for giving rides. Insiders claim Uber is trying to recruit drivers from Lyft. Making it difficult for them to earn a living, makes it easier to obtain their services. The more drivers who join Uber, the easier it is for it to scale up its services to meet demand. Naturally, Uber denies these allegations (just as it did when Gett alleged the same dirty tricks earlier this year).

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